Toy Story Blu-ray 3D Review

Toy Story Blu-ray 3D

Toy Story was the industry’s first full-length CG film, so it isn’t surprising to see Disney release the Toy Story trilogy on Blu-ray 3D, a still-fresh technology that’s bound to take over your living room someday. Toy Story has been out on standard Blu-ray for a while, but its 3D appearance presents a whole new take on the Buzz and Woody experience. Ironically, though, it’s not necessarily the 3D effects that stand out most. The new 3D presentation opens with a Pixar logo that’s got depth and rotates, and follows … [Read more...]

G-Force Blu-ray 3D Review

G-Force Blu-ray 3D

Superhero guinea pigs doesn’t sound like the most intriguing movie, let alone something readers would want to learn more about, so the first time G-Force released on Blu-ray I skipped it entirely. But there Disney went, releasing G-Force on Blu-ray 3D, and suddenly my review ears perked up. “Hmm, it mustn’t be half bad, if it’s getting the Blu-ray 3D treatment,” I thought. Still...superhero guinea pigs? I wasn’t sold. Now that I’ve watched G-Force in 3D, though, I’m pleased to say that it presents some interesting 3D … [Read more...]

Yoostar on MTV Review

Yoostar on MTV

The Yoostar games are a karaoke fan's dream come true, a statement that's never been more true than it is with Yoostar on MTV. The concept of the Yoostar games is pretty consistent from one to the next -- act out movie and/or music video roles via the Xbox Kinect hardware and see your performance on screen -- but this MTV-branded outing break from the norm by focusing exclusively on one company's IP. In this case, MTV's. Shows like Road Rules, Pimp My Ride and Jersey Shore butt up against music videos from artists … [Read more...]

Assassin’s Creed Revelations Review


I adore the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Even though I look back on the first entry in to the series and remember the problems I had with it, there was something special there that kept me interested enough to check the sequel. AC2 addressed the biggest flaw that the first had, and that was the boredom that permeated the game, and then Brotherhood came out and much to the surprise of a lot of people included not only one of the better single player sections of the series, but added a ridiculously entertaining multiplayer … [Read more...]

Michael Phelps: Push the Limit Review

Michael Phelps Push the Limit Review

With all the "suck for Luck" hubbub in the NFL and the protracted NBA lockout, you may have forgotten about a little thing called the Summer Olympics. You know, that little international event that will consume London this coming summer? The last time the Summer Olympics hit, the world was mesmerized by U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps, who broke all manner of medal records. Well, much like star NFL and NBA athletes are featured on video game covers, now Michael Phelps too has his own game, an Xbox Kinect-exclusive title … [Read more...]

Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Review

Skylanders Review

I’ve been struggling for a while now to post my Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure review, because I’ve honestly had trouble putting the darn thing down. The overall concept is the most unique technological concept to come out of the game industry in 2011: the family-friendly action RPG uses real-world toys with embedded memory chips to track each character’s upgrades, and players can swap out their on-screen character with a new one at any time simply by placing a new toy on the Portal of Power accessory. Players can even … [Read more...]

Hulk Hogan’s Main Event Review

Hulk Hogan's Main Event Review

Back when “WWF” didn’t stand for World Wildlife Federation, when Andre the Giant first left his feet via a Hulk Hogan suplex, and when Randy “Macho Man” Savage was the luckiest man alive because of Elizabeth, I was wrestling’s biggest fan. I watched Hogan battle the Iron Sheik, I attended local wrestling matches on Saturday nights, and I even caught the WWF (now WWE) when it came to town and had the good fortune to be left with a throbbing hand after the Ultimate Warrior high-fived me on his sprint to the ring. At one … [Read more...]

Back to the Future: The Game Review

Back to the Future: The Game Review

Back to the Future was a distinct movie trilogy, one with action, comedy, an interesting concept and an uncanny ability to poke fun at itself while still being serious enough to build a cult following. The combination of time-traveling cars and a rabid fanbase seemed like great justification for a series-based resurgence, so Telltale Games created Back to the Future: The Game, which originally released as an episodic series on PC. The episodes -- which feature the voice talents of Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) and the … [Read more...]

Modern Warfare 3 Review

Modern Warfare 3 review

As one of the most revered first-person franchises around, the Call of Duty series has a reputation to uphold. Naturally you know it’s safe to expect high production values, particularly with the Infinity Ward-developed entries like Modern Warfare 3, but you also know not to expect Activision to rock the boat. After all, why change a franchise that’s set multiple all-time sales records? I certainly won’t argue with that logic; making money is why developers and publishers release games in the first place. But as a … [Read more...]

MotionSports Adrenaline Urban Jungle DLC Goes Live for Xbox Kinect

Ubisoft logo

If the extreme sports contained in MotionSports Adrenaline are starting to feel old, Ubisoft just launched the first round of DLC for the Xbox Kinect-exclusive game. Called "Urban Jungle," the MotionSports Adrenaline DLC costs 400 Microsoft Points and is available now via the Xbox Live Marketplace. Click here to read our MotionSports Adrenaline review. With this Urban Jungle DLC, players can put on a new wingsuit and weave at incredible speed through a metropolis filled with skyscrapers as if they were in … [Read more...]