How to Hook Up D-BOX to a PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 is by far the best-selling Blu-ray player, a sign that Sony has once again succeeded in turning a game console into a video-format Trojan horse. Although Blu-ray supporters generally focus on the format's video and audio quality, a company called D-BOX Technologies has flown completely under the Blu-ray radar, and it's a company that PS3 owners will definitely want to keep tabs on. D-BOX has existed for years in the DVD realm, but it's really coming into its own with Blu-ray. And what few PS3 owners know -- but what many … [Read more...]

Actiontec Mega Plug AV Powerline Gaming Kit Review

Although Sony touts built-in WiFi with the PS3, and while Microsoft and Nintendo are sure to talk about the WiFi add-ons for the Xbox 360 and Wii, sometimes there's nothing better than an old-fashioned CAT-5 connection. Wireless Internet is undeniably convenient, and there's of course the cachet of telling your friends your console is wireless, but really, when you're in the middle of an online fragfest or humiliating someone's Mii remotely, a reliable connection is the most important aspect on your mind. Unfortunately, running CAT-5 cable … [Read more...]

3K RazorBook 400 Mini Notebook PC Review

The Blackberry and iPhone may be the most mainstream technologies of the "small computing" movement, but laptop computers have started to make a move into that arena as well, most publicly with the ASUS Eee PC. Yet while the Eee PC has garnered most of the attention, 3K Computing has released its own mini notebook, the RazorBook 400, and from the time we've spent with it, the RazorBook definitely holds its own. The 3K RazorBook 400 Mini Notebook PC is designed first and foremost, at least according to the company's own CEO, to be a "low-cost … [Read more...]

Skullcrushers Subwoofer Headphones Review

Skullcrushers. The name sounds more like a medieval torture device or a fantasy-game clan than it does a desirable headphone system, and the first half of that equation is probably true. Folks in the Middle Ages likely weren't big fans of bass, opting instead for lutes and harps rather than drums and rhythm, so to slip on a headphone system that absolutely glorifies every ounce of bass in a song would probably send serfs into a drumline-induced coma. But here we are, in the year 2008, a decade and century seemingly defined by big beats and … [Read more...]

Audiowrapz 3G iPod Nano Speaker Case Review

Much to the chagrin of portable music-player companies, Apple and its iPod have cornered the market on personal audio devices. Sure, there's the Zune and a host of other MP3 players, but the name "iPod" is as synonymous with "personal music player" as the name "Google" is with "conduct a search online." So it's not surprising that ifrogz has created an entire line of cases for the various iPod iterations, including the new 3G iPod, to let consumers feel a little less stressed about banging their iPods around in the pockets. The ifrogz … [Read more...]

Discgear Selector 100 Review

In case you hadn't heard, the Xbox 360 is supposed to be replaced by newer, shinier console in 2010. The PS3's replacement will probably roll around a few years later, if only because the PS3 seems much more future-proof and should have a longer shelf life. For that reason alone, I like to consider the PS3 the Twinkie of this console generation. The Wii's successor? All bets are off about when we might see that one, although it will surely include a scent-sensing function and neural implant. But no matter how hot and bothered fanboys get over … [Read more...]

Corinex GameNet Review

Whether you're playing World of Warcraft on your PC, Call of Duty 4 (COD4) on your Xbox 360 or Resistance: Fall of Man your PS3, the chances are pretty high you spend about half of your gaming time playing online. Don't feel bad; you're not alone. However, if you're like most of us here at DailyGame, you're also not alone in your constant need for more Cat-5 and routers to keep playing smoothly online. Somehow, there just never seem to be enough Ethernet plug-ins or a strong-enough WiFi signal. Wouldn't it be nice if you never needed these … [Read more...]

Vuzix iWear VR920 Review

In the late 1980s (as I recall) came the hype of Virtual Reality (VR). For $5-$10 at just about any major arcade or shopping mall, you could experience five minutes of virtual bliss. Just step onto a circular platform, put on some weird gloves and clunky goggles, and voila!, you were in a half-finished world with no realism whatsoever. I never had the $5, so I just stood and watched the television screen as other suckers squandered their money. VR never really took off with mainstream consumers, even as gamers and tech junkies dreamed of … [Read more...]

CES: Interview with GameNet about Electrical-Outlet Internet

As we unveiled in our news section earlier today, Corinex has used CES to debut a pseudo-wireless Internet product geared specifically toward gamers. We say "pseudo" because the new product, called GameNet, doesn't use any Cat-5 cables or routers to connect consoles to the Internet. But it doesn't use a WiFi connection, either. So how do Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii gamers use GameNet to play games online? By plugging GameNet into an electrical outlet. The thing is, that's it. All you do is plug it in. And you still get a 200 Mbps connection. GameNet … [Read more...]

CES: Tannoy Meets Consumers with i30 iPod Speaker System

CES may be home to thousands of home electronics and technological gadgets, but two trends are really distancing themselves from the pack this year: new HDTV technology and new iPod speaker systems. Among all the iPod docking stations and speaker systems at CES 2008, few stand out like the Tannoy i30. The i30 iPod speaker system is the first digital consumer speaker system from Tannoy, which is known in the UK and even here in Las Vegas for for its high-end commercial installations (The Bellagio and Hard Rock Hotel use Tannoy, for instance). … [Read more...]