Dying Light Humanity Trailer: Life Before Zombies

Dying Light for Xbox One and PS4 (PlayStation 4)

One of the most intriguing mid-term games we saw at E3 2013 was Dying Light, a new zombie game from Warner Bros. Interactive and Techland. Techland, you may recall, is the studio behind the Call of Juarez franchise and other titles, so you know there's a good back story and plot. In a new Dying Light Humanity trailer, the studio delves a bit into that story, exploring what life was like before the zombie apocalypse. The zombies in any game or movie are undead humans, which means at some point they were doctors, teachers, fathers, sons...and … [Read more...]

Watch Nine Minutes of Dying Light Gameplay in New Trailer

Dying Light for Xbox One and PS4 (PlayStation 4)

Techland and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released today a new video trailer that shows nine minutes of Dying Light gameplay footage. The video for the Xbox One and PS4 zombie game showcases the darker side of the game's day-and-night-cycle mechanic. It also gives a glimpse into different strategies that players will adopt depending on the time of day in order to survive. Slow, apathetic and easily visible, the infected/undead aren't much of a threat in daylight. A skilled courier, sure of their parkour skills and smart enough not … [Read more...]

New The Division Game Trailer Shows In-Game Footage

Tom Clancy's The Division screenshot

I didn't know what to expect when I stepped into Ubisoft's E3 2013 theater for a demo of Tom Clancy's The Division. Other than the fact that it was coming to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, I had zero knowledge of the game. Very quickly, I learned that I wanted it. Now. While the wait for The Division is still a ways off, Ubisoft has just released a new game trailer that includes segments of in-game footage. Consider it your chance to see why the game blew us away. The Division takes place in New York three weeks after a lethal virus, … [Read more...]

Watch the First LEGO The Hobbit Trailer for the Xbox One, PS4 Game

LEGO The Hobbit

If you're riding a high after seeing The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on opening weekend, this news is just for you. In 2014, Warner Bros. Interactive will release LEGO The Hobbit featuring all of your favorite characters from the first two films, including Bilbo, Gandalf and the Dwarves of Erebor. The game will take players on a journey through the darkest forests and deepest caves of Middle-earth. It will surely do so with a healthy dose of humor as well, if the LEGO The Hobbit trailer below is any indication. LEGO The Hobbit will ship … [Read more...]

Quantum Break Gameplay Shown in New Xbox One Trailer

Quantum Break gameplay

Some of the highest-profile games on Xbox One and PS4 have focused more on plot than their predecessors. Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts are two prime examples. But it seems that narrative threads will get an increasing focus on the next-gen consoles, and the Xbox One-exclusive Quantum Break is a great example. A new video vignette from Remedy Games and Microsoft hints at the game's focus on plot, but perhaps more important, it shows some Quantum Break gameplay footage. Actual Quantum Break gameplay video has been hard to come by, … [Read more...]

New The Witcher 3 Gameplay Footage, Musical Score Details

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is one of our most-anticipated games of 2014, and we're not alone. Anticipation for the third entry in CD Project RED's role-playing franchise is sky-high, and now that more than 4 million people have purchased an Xbox One and/or PS4, there's an audience of at least 4 million next-gen gamers who'll be craving something new next year. While we don't have info yet about The Witcher 3 release date, we do have some new The Witcher 3 gameplay footage to help whet your appetite. As you can tell from The Witcher 3 gameplay … [Read more...]

Fighter Within Xbox One Launch Trailer

Fighter Within Xbox One

Back in the day, fighting games ruled the roost of arcades and gradually made their way to home consoles. Then a game called Mortal Kombat came along, changing the console fighting-game landscape forever. With the next generation of consoles, Ubisoft has created a game that it hopes will have a similar effect, albeit it strictly on a home system. Fighter Within, which launches alongside the Xbox One this week, is the first fighting game designed specifically for the next generation of hardware. In actuality, Fighter Within is available today … [Read more...]

Ryse Son of Rome Launch Trailer for Xbox One

Ryse: Son of Rome

In advance of the Xbox One console's launch on Nov. 22, along with the launch of all those Xbox One launch games like Ryse: Son of Rome, Microsoft has kicked the promotions machine into high gear. Earlier the company released a Dead Rising 3 launch trailer, and now we get a shiny new Ryse Son of Rome video trailer. Although the game’s official launch isn't for three days, this is the official launch trailer. This Ryse Son of Rome video delves a bit more into the story and combat awaiting gamers in this Xbox One exclusive. Keep in mind that … [Read more...]

Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Launch Trailer

Dead Rising 3

For all the hubbub about the zombie apocalypse on mainstream TV, it was the original Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead that really jump-started the genre in the videogame world again. And yes, we loved them both. Later this week, the third entry in the Dead Rising franchise launches exclusively on Xbox One. But today, we wanted to share with you a new Dead Rising 3 Xbox One launch trailer directly from Microsoft and Capcom. Dead Rising 3 is an open-world action game, something new for the franchise, and seeks to "redefine a new generation of … [Read more...]

Need for Speed Rivals Xbox One Gameplay Video

Need for Speed Rivals PS4

With Sony unloading more than 1 million PS4s in its launch week, the next volley in the early next-gen console battle comes this week, when Microsoft releases its Xbox One in North America. Forza Motorsport 5 has gotten a lot of first-party attention, but our favorite next-gen racing game at E3 was by far EA's Need for Speed Rivals. As if you needed another reason to get excited for it, EA has sent along this Need for Speed Rivals Xbox One gameplay video for your viewing pleasure. Whereas Forza 5 is more on the simulation side, Need for … [Read more...]