Terminator Salvation to Support D-BOX Motion in Theaters

Terminator Salvation, one of Warner Bros.' big theatrical releases this summer, just got a whole lot bigger for movie enthusiasts: it's going to support D-BOX Motion Code. Following the announcement that D-BOX seating will be installed in two additional theaters nationwide, Warner's announcement about Terminator Salvation becomes bigger news than ever. When Terminator Salvation makes its theatrical debut on May 21, moviegoers in select theaters will be able to feel every jolt, jump, rumble and impact from the comfort of their own D-BOX MFX … [Read more...]

D-BOX Motion Seats Coming to Two More Theaters

D-BOX motion seating was a success last month when Universal's Fast and Furious provided the backdrop for the technology's theatrical debut, so the Motion Control innovators have forged a deal to install their motion seats in two additional theaters: the Theatres at Mall of America, in Bloomington, Minnesota, and the Galaxy Highland Theatres, in Austin, Texas. The first two theaters to include D-BOX seating were the the Mann Chinese 6 in Hollywood, CA, and at the UltraStar Surprise Pointe 14 in Surprise, AZ. With the D-BOX-equipped theaters … [Read more...]

D-BOX Makes Theater Debut with Motion-Enhanced Seats

For months now we've talked a lot about the D-BOX experience while watching Blu-ray movies (and DVDs), but today the "average Joe" moviegoer will get a personal chance to try the technology, as D-BOX Technologies will debut its Motion Systems for the first time in-theater for the theatrical release of Universal's "Fast and Furious." For today's release of Fast & Furious, D-BOX will deploy special D-BOX seating for two theaters: the Mann Chinese 6 in Hollywood, CA, and at the UltraStar Surprise Pointe 14 in Surprise, AZ. The seats are equipped … [Read more...]

Fast & Furious to be First Theatrical D-BOX Release

We've been talking a lot here about D-BOX and the in-home experience of watching a Motion Code-equipped Blu-ray movie. But if you want to see (feel?) for yourself what all the fuss is about, you'll soon be able to in the theater, as D-BOX is equipping two theaters with special seating for the theatrical release of Fast & Furious. Universal Pictures action-thriller Fast & Furious, which will release April 3, will be the first theatrical feature to use its D-BOX Motion Code(TM) technology. For the release of "Fast & Furious", D-BOX will deploy … [Read more...]

D-BOX GPH-120 Combines Game, Movie Functions

For several months now we've been covering Blu-ray movies with D-BOX Motion Control, and a few weeks back we informed you that D-BOX was breaking into the video game scene with a contract with Electronic Arts that lets gamers literally feel every corner and boost in Need for Speed. Now D-BOX has announced a new hybrid system that will let you experience motion in both games and Blu-ray movies using the same machine. The new product, called the GPH-120 Hybrid Motion System, motion-control features two robotic motion actuators built into a … [Read more...]

D-BOX Signs Universal Studios for Blu-ray Motion Code

Universal Studios today became the fifth major motion-picture studio to sign-on with D-BOX Technologies to implement Motion Code in its Blu-ray Disc movie releases. The first Universal Studios Blu-ray release with D-BOX Motion Code will be Death Race, but the Motion Code track for The Incredible Hulk will surely not be far behind. Death Race is scheduled to be released on Blu-ray on December 23. Today's a big day for D-BOX, as the company made this announcement and is seeing its Motion Code included in a high-profile videogame for the first … [Read more...]

D-BOX Signs Motion Code Deal with Electronic Arts

You've seen us talking a lot about D-BOX Motion Code here at DailyGame, generally as it relates to the Motion Coded movements in Blu-ray movies. Today, D-BOX and Electronic Arts gave us new justification for that enthusiasm: the two companies signed a deal to incorporate D-BOX's motion-simulation technology into its upcoming Need for Speed Undercover. The agreement, technically signed solely with EA Black Box, will allow Black Box to integrate the unique technology on the PC version alone. D-BOX Motion Code is proprietary software that powers … [Read more...]

New D-BOX Video Explains "How It Works"

For the past few weeks, DailyGame has been reviewing Blu-ray movies encoded with D-BOX Motion Code. We've received multiple inquiries asking for more information, so today, we'd like to refer you to a video produced by D-BOX Technologies themselves that explains "how we do it." The new D-BOX corporate video, available here, explains more about the company as well as how its engineers encode the Motion Codes onto Blu-ray and DVD movies and really make you feel like you're inside each scene. DailyGame has more D-BOX reviews on the way this … [Read more...]

Blu-ray Outpacing DVD's Early Years, Says Analyst

With all the discussion about Blu-ray adoption rates, both for the high-definition format itself and for Blu-ray Disc players, comparisons often fly about Blu-ray's success versus HD-DVD's, with the moral of the story being "Blu-ray isn't out of the woods yet." But what happens when one considers consumer adoption of the Blu-ray format compared to DVD? Turns out, Blu-ray is actually ahead of the pace enjoyed by the once-new-and-now-standard DVD format. At least, that's the case in Europe. Jim Bottoms, Managing Director of Corporate … [Read more...]

D-BOX: How and Why Home Theater is Evolving

DailyGame will soon launch a special section to review D-BOX encoded Blu-ray movies and discuss the motion technology provided by D-BOX. In preparation for our new section, we asked Guy Marcoux, D-BOX Marketing Director, to prepare the following contributed article about how exactly the D-BOX technology works, and what it will soon offer to home theater enthusiasts. In the cinematic environment, we are used to being seduced by a space filled with imaginative ways to help us forget about the everyday stress of the world outside. This world of … [Read more...]