Iron Man 3 Blu-ray Disc Review

Iron Man 3 Blu-ray

Iron Man isn’t the typical superhero, just a mega-rich genius whose technology made him powerful. But man, does he fit the bill. In Iron Man 3, Robert Downey Jr. once again plays the role well of Tony Stark (Iron Man) himself, striking a balance between super-human savior and flawed individual. With the Iron Man 3 debut on Blu-ray Disc, many viewers are seeing this performance, and this entertaining movie, for the first time, and they’re not likely to leave the sofa disappointed. Iron Man 3 follows on the heels of a sequel that showed Tony … [Read more...]

Ghosts of the Abyss Blu-ray 3D Review

Ghosts of the Abyss Blu-ray 3D

Apparently James Cameron’s first love is water. With The Abyss and Titanic already under his belt already, supposedly Avatar 2 is headed for an underwater environment as well. Fortunately, Cameron’s second love is investing the money he’s made from those (and other) movies right back into his aqueous hobby, as evidenced with Ghosts of the Abyss, which Disney recently released on Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray. A documentary of the Titanic itself, Ghosts of the Abyss marks the first time Cameron traveled back to the ill-fated ocean liner since he made … [Read more...]

Disney’s John Carter Blu-ray 3D Review

Disney's John Carter Blu-ray 3D

I didn’t get a chance to see John Carter in the theaters, but by box-office accounts, I wasn’t the only one. Panned for multiple reasons, Disney’s John Carter left theaters pretty quickly -- to the point that one of Disney’s highest executives resigned -- and then promptly released on Blu-ray 3D. Curious rubberneckers suddenly had the chance to watch John Carter for themselves, without fear of being seen by friends, to either look at the trainwreck or question what all the trashing was for. Having watched John Carter on Blu-ray 3D, I find … [Read more...]

Fright Night 3D Blu-ray Review

Fright Night 3D Blu-ray

Colin Farrell has a decent resume, and his supporting cast in Fright Night aren’t exactly chumps, which makes it all the more confusing as to why I wasted 90 minutes watching one of the worst 3D Blu-ray movies ever released. Fright Night is a reimagined version of the 1985 classic, but it’s been reimagined to such a degree that the term “classic” will never be uttered again in the same sentence. Fright Night follows a boy named Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin), who discovers that not only is his neighbor Jerry (Colin Ferrell) a vampire, but … [Read more...]

The Darkest Hour Blu-ray Disc Review

The Darkest Hour Blu-ray Disc Review

Moscow and alien invasions are two of the most imposing situations an action movie can present, so surely an alien invasion in Moscow sets the stage for the best movie of all time. Such is the premise -- and goal -- of The Darkest Hour, which recently released on Blu-ray Disc. The premise aspires to even more buzz, though, when you consider that the plot hinges on five young people whose now-solitary goal is to save humanity, with two of them forced to abandon fundraising for their social media company. I mean really, can a single movie … [Read more...]

Peter Gabriel: New Blood – Live in London Blu-ray 3D Review

Peter Gabriel: New Blood - Live in London Blu-ray 3D

Peter Gabriel has more “quirky” songs that have gone mainstream than perhaps any musician, highlighted by “Sledgehammer,” and his movie-soundtrack work has ingratiated him with multiple generations (“In Your Eyes” from Say Anything, and “Love Town” from Philadelphia). Yet it’s Gabriel’s desire to try new things, be it unique topics, innovative sounds or, in the case of his newest recoded concert, cutting-edge technology, that have helped him stand apart as a solo artist since breaking from Genesis in the 1980s. Peter Gabriel: New Blood - Live … [Read more...]

Cream: Royal Albert Hall London 2005 Blu-ray Disc Review

Cream Live 2005 Blu-ray Disc

I’m going to pull my curmudgeon card out here, so consider yourself warned. I’d venture to guess most of the people reading this review are among our oldest readers, the people who remember Eric Clapton as a guitarist in Cream, not a solo act whose MTV Unplugged single made him a household name for a second generation. If that’s a correct assessment, you’ll be pleased to learn about a concert on Blu-ray Disc called Cream: Royal Albert Hall London 2005. This disc, comprised from footage from four nights of concerts, celebrates the first time in … [Read more...]

Queensryche: Mindcrime at the Moore Blu-ray Review

Queensryche Mindcrime at the Moore Blu-ray

Concerts on Blu-ray Disc are a hit-and-miss bunch, and since they’re often soft rock or jazz, seeing a Queensryche concert come out on Blu-ray caused my inner skeptic to surface immediately. Fortunately, Mindcrime at the Moore, the Queensryche concert that was filmed live for this release, impressed me in just about every regard, although a few post-production and concert-production elements did leave me hanging. On the impressive side, Queensryche: Mindcrime at the Moore takes every stereotype you might have about guitar-in-a-blender heavy … [Read more...]

Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Next Level Blu-ray Review

Star-Trek: The Next Generation -- The Next Level

When Star Trek: The Original Series made its remastered way to Blu-ray Disc a few years back, the knowledge that the video had been overhauled and the audio remastered made thousands of franchise diehards cry foul. How could Gene Roddenberry’s titular sci-fi series be tinkered with? Was Paramount going all George Lucas on the Star Trek franchise? Truth be told, the remastering was well worth it, and for series stalwarts the original versions still existed on the disc. Fast-forward to 2012, and Star Trek: The Next Generation has its own … [Read more...]

The Smurfs Blu-ray 3D Review

The Smurfs Blu-ray 3D

I am a child of the ‘80s. Memories of my childhood include The A-Team, Battlestar Galactica (the original), Buck Rogers in the 21st Century and The Smurfs -- and that was just Saturday’s TV lineup. Hearing that The Smurfs were making a theatrical comeback with Doogie Howser, er, Neil Patrick Harris, in a lead role stirred-up mixed emotions. On one hand, watching The Smurfs could be a great trip down memory lane, and Hank Azaria as Gargamel could inject a nice dose of slapstick. On the other hand, mixing live-action and animation often … [Read more...]