Disney Infinity Cars Play Set Video Preview

In the days following E3, we've been discussing the newest toys-to-life craze in the videogame world: Disney Infinity. Borrowing a page from Activision's Skylanders games, the latest of which (Skylanders Swap Force) we'll be previewing extensively soon, Disney Infinity uses real-life toys that can be placed on a portal so that figure appears in the game itself. Because it's a Disney game, Disney Infinity has a host of franchises from which to pull, giving it infinitely long legs in entertainment potential. Yesterday we covered the Pirates of … [Read more...]

Disney Infinity Davy Jones Figure Toy Unboxing Video

One of the busiest booths at E3 2013 was Disney Interactive, largely because of their t-shirt press but also because of Disney Infinity, a new game a la Skylanders where real-life toys can be placed on a portal to have that figure/character appear in the on-screen game. I’ve long been a fan of the Disney Parks and Pirates of the Caribbean, so I was eager to see what Disney had up its sleeve for those franchises in Disney Infinity. Lucky me, I got to see Captain Barbossa and Davy Jones. I was fortunate enough to walk away with a Davy Jones … [Read more...]

Disney Infinity Capt. Barbossa Toy Unboxing Video

One of our initial stops at E3 2013 was the Disney Interactive booth to see Disney Infinity, a new game a la Activision's Skylanders in which players can place a real-life toy on an NFC-enabled portal to have that toy appear as a playable character in the game. The Skylanders games have been two of my kids' favorite games in recent years, so they put me "on assignment" to see Disney Infinity -- which I was intending to do anyway. After all, as a big Pirates of the Caribbean and Disney Parks fan, I was eager to see Captain Barbossa and Davy … [Read more...]

Disney Infinity – Exclusive E3 Lone Ranger Gameplay Video

We had the good fortune to party with Disney Interactive on Sunday night, just two days before E3, to learn more about Disney Infinity and take a walk through the in-game worlds of The Lone Ranger (revealed late last week) and Monsters University. Before the event, Disney was generous enough to let us watch the first 37 minutes of the upcoming Monsters University film, as well as a 15-minute clip of The Lone Ranger, because both films provide great backdrops and characters for the Disney Infinity game. After watching the extended clips from … [Read more...]

Insomniac Games’ Fuse: Hands-On Preview

Insomiac Games Fuse

I don’t officially know whether Ted Price, founder and president of Insomniac Games, is a member of the NRA. I've never actually asked him, nor have I inquired with anyone else at Insomniac. But for as much as Insomniac has focused on guns, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a relationship there. Whether you're talking about Ratchet and Clank or Resistance, Insomniac’s gameplay lives and dies by guns and their various modes of fire. But if you think you've seen the epitome of gun-focused gameplay from Insomniac, think again. Insomniac's … [Read more...]

Splinter Cell Blacklist: An Amalgam of Tom Clancy Titles

Splinter Cell Blacklist

E3 is notorious for the grand return of beloved franchises, but one return that surprised us the most is Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist. The newest Sam Fisher game was announced before E3 2012 ever began, but spending some time with it in person has reminded us just how special the franchise is. Ironically, some of the elements that make the game "fresh" are actually long-standing features from other Ubisoft games, making Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist somewhat of an amalgam of all previous Tom Clancy games before it. That's not … [Read more...]

Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends Preview


I've had a lot of fun playing the Test Drive series, from the franchise's days in the arcades to its appearances on the current-gen consoles. The twists and turns on its digitized streets have been met by similar changes in gameplay and tone, with the latest evolution coming in the form of vehicles from a single manufacturer: Ferrari. True to form, Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends lives up to its name by providing "test drives" of some of the world's most storied and exotic cars, including decades-old racers. It's important to note, though, … [Read more...]

Darksiders 2 Hands-on Preview

Darksiders 2 Screenshot Feature

In this era of excessive gore, you’d think a game with one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse would be rife with blood, guts and violence. The original Darksiders game proved that hypothesis wrong, with a mature tone but decidedly more adventure- than action-oriented experience. For Darksiders 2, THQ and Vigil Games hope to up the ante in every possible way, a goal made possible in part by switching from the protagonist War to his brother, Death. The change means much more than a new veneer and name; after spending some significant hands-on … [Read more...]

Mass Effect 3 Voice Commands: Kinect “Hands-On” Preview

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 is one of the most-anticipated games on most gamers’ 2012 radar, the thrilling conclusion to one of the most epic trilogies in the industry. This Tuesday (Feb. 14), Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will finally have a chance to get their hands on Mass Effect 3 via a new demo, with Xbox 360 owners getting a particularly special treat if they have the Kinect hardware. The Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 demo includes voice-command features, much like the full Xbox 360 version will have when it ships March 6 (the PS3 version does not support voice … [Read more...]

Kinect Star Wars in 3D: Pod Racing Hands-On Preview

Kinect Star Wars Feature

There are a few parallels between Kinect Star Wars and Episode I: The Phantom Menace, which opens today in 3D. The most obvious is the connection to Episode I content and characters, which so far have driven all of the Kinect Star Wars game demos. The most surprising parallel, though, relates specifically to the 3D release of The Phantom Menace: a poor first impression. The 3D film's first 10 to 15 minutes are frankly a visual disappointment. Sitting through the opening scenes of the Episode I 3D midnight showing, I couldn't get over how … [Read more...]