Zen Pinball 3D Review


Zen Studios is slowing creeping onto each and every platform possible, and making a pinball splash each time. The latest is a Nintendo 3DS eShop release of Zen Pinball 3D, which came out Jan 12 in North America. Featuring four tables, all of which are available on the standard Zen Pinball release (and two on Pinball FX2) this move to 3D is a little superfluous but yet still is a very nice addition to the genre. Plus, being an eShop release means you don’t need to lug around another cartridge to get your pinball fix. The tables included are … [Read more...]

Super Mario 3D Land Review


It’s about time that the Nintendo 3DS got its killer application; Super Mario 3D Land be thy name. Sure, the revisit to  the Ocarina of Time was a great title but it didn’t quite pack the punch that Super Mario 3D Land ended up having. From the moment Mario game started, the 3D effect was used perfectly, and for the first time in my 3DS’s history, I wanted to keep it turned on to the maximum. There’s never really much to a Mario title when it comes to story, and this is no exception. Princess, yada yada, Bowser yada yada, rescue her. As you … [Read more...]

CM4 Catalyst Nintendo 3DS Case Review


Reviewing cases is something that's a little tricky to do - even moreso than games in my opinion. On one hand, people can start to get a good feel for a particular reviewers tastes when it comes to games, and then make judgement calls based on how other opinions lined up. Cases though are something that people buy one or at most maybe two of - while some gamers won't buy any at all so how can you form an opinion with so few data points? The CM4 Catalyst is a case that's is meant to be put on your 3DS and stay on it. It's an extremely well … [Read more...]

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS Review


College was my first experience with the Ocarina of Time, and I spent far too many nights sitting in my room sound on the garage sale quality TV with cranked as high as the tinny speakers could handle. Most of those nights were spent in frustration with that god forsaken water temple, but when it was finally bested – things were right with the world. Flash forward to now and I’m back at this damned water temple again – only this time sitting on a couch that I purchased holding a small handheld gaming console and playing in glorious 3D on my … [Read more...]

Super Monkey Ball 3DS Review


In my brief time (thus far) with Nintendo’s 3DS I’ve come to the conclusion that there are some types of games which are going to be very well suited for 3D, while others just won’t cut it. Oddly enough, Super Monkey Ball 3DS fits into both categories as it demonstrates the 3D effect very well during some sections of the game, and when it does it poorly it excels at that too.  The glaring issue with the 3DS really makes itself known here, that issue being the limited viewing angle, as one of the game modes allows you to use the build in motion … [Read more...]