Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem Preview (Final Hands-On)

Even before we took a turn in the exclusive Nintendo Airstream (read about our experience), it was tempting to view Donkey Kong Country Returns (preview) as the only Donkey Kong title releasing this fall. But while that Nintendo Wii title is sure to overheat sales registers this holiday season, Nintendo's DSi and DSi XL have their own Donkey Kong game: Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem. True, Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem features the big ape primarily in name, but it's an entertaining title even without the swinging simian … [Read more...]

The Simpsons Nintendo DS Preview

Say what you will about licensed games, but Electronic Arts is giving The Simpsons a franchise-worthy outing this fall with its entire slate of The Simpsons videogames (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PS2, PSP and DS). But while the console versions are shaping up to be fun, the Nintendo DS version is flat-out astounding. In fact, pound for pound and pixel for pixel, there might not be a better gaming value this year. The Simpsons for Nintendo DS largely follows the core plot of the console versions, but in a 2D world and with gameplay twists … [Read more...]

Yu Gi Oh! World Championship

The info below is provided by the publisher and is not meant to represent that we have had hands on time with the game. It's published for informational purposes. - - - The official game of the annual Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Tournament, the DS title offers a stunning simulation of the Trading Card Game, with users constructing, organizing and dueling using the stylus. Every aspect of the Trading Card Game has been faithfully recreated, and the DS game includes all 1600 of the latest cards, allowing for even more attacking, spell-casting … [Read more...]


Note - The content below is provided from a publisher's fact sheet, we have not had hands-on with this title yet. - - - QuickSpot is a new game of concentration scheduled for release on the Nintendo DS this March. In QuickSpot, players will be challenged to spot the differences between images shown on screen, then circle those differences using the DS' stylus. QuickSpot contains three single player modes, the main mode being Rapid Play, which has five levels each containing 10 stages and a boss challenge at the end of each level. The player … [Read more...]


The Game Developers Conference isn't exactly known for having games on display. Rather than the show-and-tell session of E3, the annual GDC is all about business, about developers meeting with vendors and publishers and helping their projects come to fruition. But this year Nintendo had a plethora of Nintendo DS games on display, and the game that grabbed most of my attention was probably one of the most unassuming titles at the show. Magnetica is a game much like Tetris, in which players line up like-colored objects to eliminate them and clear … [Read more...]

Lego Star Wars 2

Not such a long time ago, in a console not so far, far away, a game called Lego Star Wars (review) shuffled onto the scene and, in spite of its tie-in to the prequel films, did surprisingly well. Whether it was the kitschy take on the newest Star Wars characters or the simple pleasure of gathering yellow-Lego "coins," Lego Star Wars won over many a heart here at DailyGame, not to mention the hearts of our kids and spouses. We didn't care that it was based on three arguably bad films; it was a fun game, and that's all that mattered. So imagine … [Read more...]