Super Mario 3D Land Review


It’s about time that the Nintendo 3DS got its killer application; Super Mario 3D Land be thy name. Sure, the revisit to  the Ocarina of Time was a great title but it didn’t quite pack the punch that Super Mario 3D Land ended up having. From the moment Mario game started, the 3D effect was used perfectly, and for the first time in my 3DS’s history, I wanted to keep it turned on to the maximum. There’s never really much to a Mario title when it comes to story, and this is no exception. Princess, yada yada, Bowser yada yada, rescue her. As you … [Read more...]

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS Review


College was my first experience with the Ocarina of Time, and I spent far too many nights sitting in my room sound on the garage sale quality TV with cranked as high as the tinny speakers could handle. Most of those nights were spent in frustration with that god forsaken water temple, but when it was finally bested – things were right with the world. Flash forward to now and I’m back at this damned water temple again – only this time sitting on a couch that I purchased holding a small handheld gaming console and playing in glorious 3D on my … [Read more...]

Expedition 3DS Case Review


It’s been a month now with your shiny new Nintendo 3DS, how many scratches do you have on it? Are the corners dinged up from clanking around in your messenger bag? Just how much lint has accumulated on the stereoscopic lenses? It’s inevitable that that type of damage will happen, but things can be reduced by using a proper case for your system.  One such case that has been granted the licensing rights to use the 3DS moniker is the Expedition Case from publisher, Power A. Yes, it’s only a case but it’s made in such a way that your 3DS will be … [Read more...]

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Review


Back when Street Fighter 2 was big in the arcades, I could be found beside the unit watching the kids pulling off huge moves and combos with blistering speed. My skills were not at so hot at such a game, but yet I enjoyed throwing my quarters into the machine. Picking either Ken or Blanka and attempting to beat the obviously superior player next to me, I was usually humbled quite quickly. Even when did that happen I was always quick put another quarter back on the panel and wait for my chance to try again all the while hoping I’d learn some … [Read more...]

Super Monkey Ball 3DS Review


In my brief time (thus far) with Nintendo’s 3DS I’ve come to the conclusion that there are some types of games which are going to be very well suited for 3D, while others just won’t cut it. Oddly enough, Super Monkey Ball 3DS fits into both categories as it demonstrates the 3D effect very well during some sections of the game, and when it does it poorly it excels at that too.  The glaring issue with the 3DS really makes itself known here, that issue being the limited viewing angle, as one of the game modes allows you to use the build in motion … [Read more...]

3DS Hands on Impressions

Nintendo 3DS

Rather than go over all the specs that, if you're interested, you've likely read at least a half a dozen times already- I'm going to just outline my initial experiences with the system which made its way into my grubby man hands just today. Yes, I preordered a lovely little Aqua Blue beauty earlier this week to ensure I could get my hands on it, partially due to the fact review titles are rolling in (make sure to keep checking back for launch title coverage) but also to satisfy my own curiosity about how the hell Nintendo was going to actually … [Read more...]

Dragon Quest IV Review

Ah, nostalgic comforts. I remember the old days, sitting on my pa's chair as he searched the nearby forest for firewood. Our old dog sleeping at my feet as I ate cabbage stew and played Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen on my NES. That was before pa got his dysentery. Of course, sometimes nostalgia is utter and total malarkey. Like, my "beautiful" hometown, which is actually 15 Bed, Baths & Beyonds and Boston Markets pasted together with stucco. Sometimes, however, a nostalgic item lives up to the impossible hype that our brains and the … [Read more...]

Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir Review

Since the double-whammy success of the Wii and DS, Nintendo has been both lauded and derided for its love of casual games. Casual games, like Fridays, wear khaki pants, flip-flops and don't require the same kind or amount of attention as their hardcore cousins. Enter Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir for the DS, the most unapologetically casual game Nintendo has ever made. At its heart, Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir is a seek-and-find game. You look over a vast playing field and try to find a series of hidden objects. This is a popular … [Read more...]

Space Invaders Extreme Review

It was 30 years ago in June that Space Invaders hit arcades and exploded. Space Invaders changed not only the perception of arcades in general, but also video games themselves. The game created and defined a genre, and it's still a cultural touchstone that's as relevant today as it was back in 1978. Amazingly, the entire game programmed by one person, who also did the sound and built the hardware to run it. With alien designs based mainly on seafood, the simple idea of aliens attacking from space took flight. Nostalgia is nice and all, but to … [Read more...]

Best of Tests DS Review

What is "fun"? We have often used this term when reminiscing about Disneyland or summer vacation, but how foolish we have been not to use this term to describe the joyous occasion known as the SATs and IQ tests. What's that, you say? The SATs and IQ tests are the exact opposite of fun? Well, apparently Best of Tests never got the memo. Best of Tests for the Nintendo DS is not only a great new tongue twister, but an attempt to make ourselves a little smarter while we play videogames. Truly, nothing has ever made this task seem more impossible … [Read more...]