Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Review

Skylanders Review

I’ve been struggling for a while now to post my Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure review, because I’ve honestly had trouble putting the darn thing down. The overall concept is the most unique technological concept to come out of the game industry in 2011: the family-friendly action RPG uses real-world toys with embedded memory chips to track each character’s upgrades, and players can swap out their on-screen character with a new one at any time simply by placing a new toy on the Portal of Power accessory. Players can even take their toy(s) to play … [Read more...]

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Review


Nintendo has the market cornered on long living video game characters, and in celebration of The Legend of Zelda’s 25th year they’ve released another excellent LoZ title with Skyward Sword.  A large amount of fan service is done with this title, as it’s clearly placed before the other most loved title by fans, Ocarina of Time (I still much prefer Wind Waker,) and helps shed some light into the origins of the Master Sword. Interestingly enough, series mainstay Gannon(dorf) is no where to be found, and entirely new set of dangers awaits young … [Read more...]

Wii Play: Motion Review

Wii Play Motion

    Nintendo loves to keep the mini game collections coming don’t they? I mean, they sell like hotcakes and help keep non-hardcore gamers playing their Wii systems, so why not? Similar to Wii Play, Wii Play Motion is a title that comes bundled with a brand new Wii Remote and a disc containing twelve minigames. The big change this time is the Wii Motion+ add-on has  been integrated into the controller making for a standard length remote preventing you from having to use the small add on which throws off the balance of the … [Read more...]

Cars 2 The Video Game Review

Cars 2 The Video Game

I’d been skeptical about Pixar’s Cars 2 movie since the first trailer hinted that it may be little more than a James Bond spoof. Knowing Pixar, I figured that wouldn’t actually be the case, but it was the first time I felt cautious about a film from the storied studio. I was also skeptical about Cars 2 The Video Game, thinking it would either be a fast-tracked movie tie-in or a racing game with little depth. Well, Cars 2 The Video Game is not only a great entry-level racer for young Lightning McQueen fans, but a surprisingly solid 3D title with … [Read more...]

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Review

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

Only a few movie-based games have ever fared well, but the king of them all is the LEGO series, which has gone from a “that’s cute” concept to one of the most widespread movie-franchise reboots of all time. Maybe the LEGO games have become too ubiquitous, but you’ve got to credit TT Games for extending their block-building prowess to every big-time brand around. The latest entry, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, is timed perfectly for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and as in all previous LEGO games, its tongue-in-cheek spin on … [Read more...]

Mario Sports Mix Review

Mario Sports Mix Wii

Mario sure likes to get his hands dirty, that guys done it all ranging from painting programs to Kart racing, and now rounds out his resume with four additional sports all on one disc. Mario Sports Mix features the titular character and friends (some new!) in basketball, hockey, dodgeball and a very tedious rendition of volleyball. Unfortunately none of the sports is as fleshed out as one of Mario's standalone sports titles such as the golf or tennis titles. Instead, we get a generic run through a couple of tournaments, each with a different … [Read more...]

Donkey Kong Country Returns Review

At E3 2010 the return to Donkey Kong country was announced, and a mere few months later we finally have the new release of Donkey Kong Country Returns in our grubby little primate paws, and let me tell you - Nintendo really knows how to bring a series back. First with the resurgence of Kirby, and now out buddies DK and Diddy Kong make a return to track down their yet again stolen stash of bananas. Nintendo tapped Retro studios to take on the revisit to DKC, and the game has stayed very true to its roots right down to the sometimes crazy … [Read more...]

Disney Epic Mickey Review

When it comes to video games and Mickey Mouse, the poor guy rarely had a chance to succeed. Moving from weak title to weak title through the years has really put the damper on his career. Enter Warren Spector. The esteemed game designer had the chance to not only take on Mickey Mouse as a topic for an all-new adventure, but he was given the ability to re-introduce a long-forgotten character of Walt Disney's named Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Oswald was stripped from Walt over a dispute with Universal Pictures, and in a 2006 agreement, the Disney … [Read more...]

Namco Museum Megamix Review

Game collections seem to be quite commonplace these days, as a sucker for nostalgia they always seem to call me. Also not too new to the fray is remaking titles, and adding a modern twist such as the excellent two games in the Pac-Man Championship edition series. Namco hit two winners with those games, and I had some excitement when the Namco Museum Megamix showed up at my door. That joy was short lived however. Megamix features a grand total of 24 titles, six of which are subtitled as Remixes of classic games and the others are emulated … [Read more...]

Kirby’s Epic Yarn Review

Straight up, Kirby's Epic Yarn was one of the most enjoyable titles I've have the pleasure of playing in 2010. If it doesn't find its way onto every top ten list at the end of the year it's going to be easy to identify who skipped over this little gem. Yes, it's without a shred of doubt aimed at younger gamers, but don't let that dissuade you. Playing Epic Yarn was on the level of relaxation that I got from playing Flower or even something as easy going as a game of Uno with friends. Since its announcement and first presentation at E3 the … [Read more...]