Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Review


I’ve been a fan of the Sly Cooper franchise since its debut a decade ago, when Sucker Punch introduced PS2 owners to its gorgeous cell-shaded platformer with kid-friendly cast. The game’s mix of stealth, platforming and level design had a certain charm to it that gripped me through three games in the series. Eventually the reins were handed to Sanzaru Games, which ported the original Sly Collection in HD to the PS3 in preparation for the fourth game in the series -- Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Franchise fans will feel right at home in … [Read more...]

Official PlayStation Vita Travel Kit Review

Official PlayStation Vita Travel Kit

The whole purpose of a handheld gaming system, no matter how high-definition or innovative, is to take your games on the road. No wires, no TV, no walls; just you, your games and a portable device. To pull this off, of course, requires a setup that actually enables you to play on the road: things like a charger, travel case and a few select goodies to keep you playing for hours on end. Sony’s new PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) is a killer portable gaming machine, with a host of non-gaming multimedia functions as well. But taking it on the road for … [Read more...]

Escape Plan Review

Escape Plan PS Vita

Much like the first SNES got gamers used to a console controller with six buttons, the PS Vita's initial titles are providing a gentle introduction to the system's various input options. Escape Plan fits that mold perfectly, a tactical puzzle game that starts with primarily front-touch controls but ramps up in complexity by eventually using front and back inputs, both thumbsticks, gyroscopic recognition and creative combinations of all three. The result is an interesting proof of concept for the hardware, but it doesn't necessarily equate to a … [Read more...]

Super Stardust Delta Review

Super Stardust Delta

Sony's new PlayStation Vita has a variety of firsts for a handheld system, and its touch-sensitive rear cover is in fact a first for the whole industry. When it comes to the actual game-playing experience, the PS Vita's use of two analog sticks is a welcome addition to the handheld landscape, and few of the system's launch games demonstrate how refreshing it is to have both thumbsticks better than Super Stardust Delta. Stardust began its days as a downloadable title for PlayStation 3, billed by some as Sony's answer to Geometry Wars, which … [Read more...]