Buzz! Master Quiz Review

Buzz! Master Quiz for PSP (PlayStation Portable) is the latest entry in the Buzz! quiz game series from Sony, even though the "Buzz!" in the title is a bit of a misnomer. After all, this is a portable version of the popular quiz series, so it does not come with the telltale buzzers. Nor does it offer the instant multiplayer mayhem of its predecessors. In fact, the tried-and-true Buzz! formula has been thrown out the window for this PSP incarnation, and with good reason. Carrying around five buzzer peripherals kind of takes the portable out of … [Read more...]

Space Invaders Extreme Review

It was 30 years ago in June that Space Invaders hit arcades and exploded. Space Invaders changed not only the perception of arcades in general, but also video games themselves. The game created and defined a genre, and it's still a cultural touchstone that's as relevant today as it was back in 1978. Amazingly, the entire game programmed by one person, who also did the sound and built the hardware to run it. With alien designs based mainly on seafood, the simple idea of aliens attacking from space took flight. Nostalgia is nice and all, but to … [Read more...]

God of War: Chains of Olympus Review

The Nintendo DS may sell more units than any other gaming platform, but where handhelds are concerned, Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) delivers by far the most console-like experience you can get this side of the sofa. Sure, it's got a gorgeous display, and yes, the Internet functionality is nice, but if you're looking for console-like games on the go, the PSP has got you covered. Case in point: God of War: Chains of Olympus. God of War: Chains of Olympus may be a handheld game, it may have a handheld game's length, and it may have the … [Read more...]

NBA Live 08 Review (PSP)

It's been a long time since we've scored so high in a basketball game. In fact, it brought us back to the NES days when we would hole up in our living rooms playing Konami's Double Dribble scoring well into the 100s because there was little to no defensive strategy. Even the free throws in NBA Live 08 have a double ring that bounce up and down. While the graphics are, of course, on par with today's expectations (especially for the PSP) it was a little disappointing to find nothing new in this year's installment except for updated rosters and a … [Read more...]

Jackass: The Game Review (PSP)

The idea of controlling a couple of jackasses into certain doom seems like a ridiculous concept, but don't tell that to the producers who have created one of the most loved and hated series in Music Television history. Overall, I didn't have too many high expectations of a game developed specifically for previous gen systems. While there are a few humorous moments and inventive game modes, Jackass: The Game quickly becomes stale, like a good joke grandpa keeps repeating at Thanksgiving. The game pits you as the show's replacement director … [Read more...]

Jeanne d'Arc Review

If you look through the pages of French History you'll more than likely come across the story of Joan of Arc. She was a young girl who believed she heard the voice of God telling her that she must unite her country and force the invading English out of the country. Level 5 and Sony Entertainment take this story and add magical armlets, demon beasts, and evil englishmen in Jeanne D'Arc with surprisingly solid results for the Playstation Portable. Most of the story is fleshed out in a well made anime style cartoon. A demon lord was wiping out … [Read more...]

PaRappa the Rappa

With the onslaught of rhythm games over the past two years, it only makes sense that Sony would bring their king of the beats - PaRappa the Rapper, back for a round on the PSP. While this PSP port maintains the original PlayStation game's charm, it unfortunately also maintains theoriginal game's difficulty and so-so content, which makes it a tough beat to keep for $30. PaRappa the Rappa is simplistic in design - you just hit the various buttons on the PSP in time with the beat. That timing becomes progressively and almost insanely difficult, … [Read more...]

Winning Eleven: Pro Evo Soccer '07

Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 is a pretty straightforward game. It's based on a successful formula cooked up by Konami years ago - create an incredibly solid core gameplay experience, throw in some new features, and stuff it in the shrink wrap. Once again, this formula's worked, as Pro Evo 07 is far from a new game, but its tight gameplay and new Master League mode make it well worth the purchase for any fan of portable sports. As has been the norm with the Pro Evo series for the past few years, 2007 presents the player with a very … [Read more...]

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

Whatever magic Kojima Productions possesses for making PlayStation Portable games needs to be passed onto other developers. Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops not only expands the stealth-action series with its first real-time handheld action title, it innovates with new mechanics and great visuals. Even better, the game stands among only a few games that actually fit the handheld with bite-sized missions and interesting multiplayer options. While the controls mar an otherwise great experience, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops could certainly be … [Read more...]

Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony

Let's be honest: the PSP has had very little to offer fans of RPG games. Other than Untold Legends and its sequel, I can't think of any other hack-and-slash RPGs for the PSP. Now, however, that has all changed thanks to Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony. But can the popular Dungeon Siege franchise live up to the high standards on a handheld that it is known for on the PC? Throne of Agony retains the same look and feel of the PC games, but everything has been tweaked and scaled down for the PSP. The character selection only gives you a choice of … [Read more...]