OnLive Installed on New Philips Android TVs

OnLive on Phillips TVs

No matter how quickly Sony and Microsoft sell their new PS4 and Xbox One consoles, respectively, there will always be people who question whether the end of the home console is nigh. One company that may be hoping for such a future is Phillips, which has announced a deal with OnLive installed on new Philips Android TVs. OnLive is a game-streaming service similar to the Gaikai service Sony purchased several years ago and turned into PlayStation Now. OnLive Game Service available on new models of Philips TVs powered … [Read more...]

Marshall Headphones Launches Two New In-Ear Headphones

Marshall Mode EQ Earbuds In-Ear Headphones

If you are like me, you grew up going to local music shows of high school bands, feeling cool, maybe doing a little slam dancing in the mosh pit. Long gone are those days but the one thing I remember is every band always rockin' Marshall speakers. Skip forward 20 years. Rarely do I get to go to concerts these days, and all my music is stored on my phone. What hasn't changed is Marshall's leading position in the industry. So to gain customers like us they introduced two new in-ear headphones. Launched at IFA in … [Read more...]

YEZZ Billy 4.7 with Windows Phone 8.1 Pre-Orders Launch

Windows Phone

It may sound like a crazy cowboy device, but the YEZZ Billy 4.7 with Windows Phone 8.1 appears to be much more modern than its "old west" name would suggest. With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor with quad CPUs at speeds of up to 1.2GHz, a 4.7-inch IPS screen with Asahi Dragontrail glass, 15GB of free cloud storage and a 2MP front camera and 8MP autofocus rear camera with flash, there's a lot to this funny-named device. And pre-orders for the phone just so happened to go live today. The YEZZ Billy 4.7 with Windows … [Read more...]

Sony Xperia Z3 Phone Can Stream PS4 Games

The Last of Us Remastered PS4

After getting off to a slow start, Sony's PlayStation Vita handheld has become a key part of its video-gaming portfolio. The company's PlayStation Plus free games for September 2014, for example, include four PS Vita games for paying PS Plus members, the latest example of the handheld playing a big role in Sony's gaming strategy. Then along comes a curveball nobody saw coming, a tidbit that makes one wonder whether the PS Vita will always have such a stout role. The news: the new Sony Xperia Z3 phone can stream PS4 … [Read more...]

iPhone 6 Sapphire Screen Tops List of Most-Wanted New Features

Apple Tim Cook

The iPhone 6 Sapphire screen, a new screen that's even more scratch- and damage-resistant than the Gorilla Glass currently used, is one of the most anticipated new features of Apple's newest phone. In fact, according to a recent survey of most-anticipated new features of the iPhone 6, Sapphire screen is tops. The latest rumors today indicate Apple may be working on a digital wallet of sorts with the iPhone 6. Doing so involves a partnership with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, banks and retailers, a system that … [Read more...]

Apple to Unveil iWatch and iPhone 6 Together


With a product roadmap touted as its best in 25 years, Apple is expected to finally unveil iWatch details alongside the iPhone 6 during a Sept. 9 media event. Apple has been rumored for years to be working on an iWatch, though the company has never officially confirmed or denied its existence. In just over a week, reports indicate Apple fans will finally get to see the long-rumored iWatch. According to the website Re/Code, which has been ahead of the Apple iWatch rumor curve for some time now, Apple plans to blow … [Read more...]

BioShock iPhone, iPad Versions Go Live on App Store


2K Games has launched the BioShock iPhone and iPad versions on the App Store, marking the first time the award-winning game has appeared on a mobile device. BioShock is one of the highest-rated first-person shooters of all time. As such, you shouldn't be too surprised by its $14.99 price as "a premium mobile game. We haven't tried the game ourselves, but according to 2K the BioShock iPhone and iPad versions "bring the complete experience of the original 'genetically enhanced' action-adventure, first-person shooter to … [Read more...]

Elgato Game Capture HD60 Enables PS4, Xbox One Recording at 60fps

PS4 DualShock 4 controller

Internet message boards have been buzzing since the PS4 and Xbox One launched about the two next-gen consoles' video capabilities. The PS4 generally has more consistency in terms of offering full 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second, though claims of the Xbox One's inability to pull-off those same specs is greatly exaggerated. Fortunately, no matter what side of the fence you sit on a new device called the Elgato Game Capture HD60 will let you record your most epic gameplay moments. The Elgato Game Capture HD60 … [Read more...]

Dream Arcades Unveils the Largest Upright Home Arcade

Dream Arcades home arcade machine

Contrary to popular opinion, the average video gamer is older than 30. We may enjoy our console games now, but we remember a world well before Mario ever ate a mushroom, and even before we moved the first Pong paddle at home. The glory days of Pac-Man, Sinistar and others are alive and well in our mind's eye, and many of us dream about having a home arcade to re-live those days. A company called Dream Arcades specializes in making those fantasies come true. The company is the world's largest manufacturer and … [Read more...]

NFL Phone Cases for Samsung Galaxy, iPhone Now on Sale at OtterBox

OtterBox NFL Phone Cases

Things happen at NFL football games. Spilled beer, stepped-on nachos, dropped smartphones. With that in mind, OtterBox has just unveiled a slew of team-specific NFL phone cases for Samsung Galaxy, iPhone and other smartphone models. The first batch of OtterBox's NFL phone cases are for the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. You can see the full selection here. These aren't just cheap phone protectors, as OtterBox is the most-trusted brand for phone cases. This new series of NFL phone … [Read more...]