Otterbox NFL iPhone 6 Phone Cases Now Available

OtterBox NFL Phone Cases

If the postponed Bills / Jets game due to snow hasn't reinforced the notion that winter and the holidays are upon us, maybe Otterbox's new NFL iPhone 6 phone cases will jog your memory. Phone cases, iPhone 6, NFL themes ... it all adds up to what could very well be a perfect stocking stuffer, no? The Otterbox NFL iPhone 6 phone cases follow in the footsteps of the company's preseason release of cases for iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy S4. The artwork looks almost identical, in fact, … [Read more...]

Sony Announces PlayStation Price Drop for Black Friday, Holidays

PlayStation 3 PS3

With Black Friday 2014 sales now less than two weeks away, gamers have been waiting to see whether Sony would announce a special PS4 Black Friday deal, bundle or price cut. Sony did announce a PlayStation price drop today, though not fully what people were waiting for. Sony announced a special Black Friday and holiday price for the PlayStation TV, which is now $20 to $40 less depending on whether you pick up a bundle or a stand-alone system. The company also announced a PS3 price drop for some specific PlayStation 3 … [Read more...]

DirecTV 4K TV Support and Service Launching Friday

DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket

DirecTV 4K TV support is scheduled to launch Friday, November 14, the satellite TV provider announced. Support for 4K TV, also known as UltraHD TV, has been one of the most-requested features by DirecTV customers, particularly those who enjoy sports and movies. While the DirecTV 4K TV support and service will start this weekend, NFL Sunday Ticket fans shouldn't get too excited about watch their DirecTV 4K TV sports broadcast any time soon. DirecTV said its 4K TV service will begin will new-release movies, some "oldie … [Read more...]

Best Buy Black Friday 2014 Deals Highlighted by 4K UHD TV

Walmart retail environment

Microsoft is hitting the Xbox One Black Friday 2014 deals pretty hard, while Sony has remained mum on any Black Friday PS4 deals this year. That's not to say PS4 owners don't have anything to look forward to, but the most compelling Black Friday sales may be tied to upgrading your TV. Fortunately the Best Buy Black Friday 2014 deals have just been revealed, and Best Buy has included a 4K UltraHD TV in the mix. The PlayStation 4 video output supports 4K resolution. Seeing that 4K display at a full 60fps obviously … [Read more...]

Black Friday 2014 Walmart Ads Better Than Black Friday 2014 Early Bird Deals

Samsung Smart TV Gesture Controls

The Black Friday 2014 Walmart ad is one of the more in-demand deal sheets being sought right now. Just two weeks before Thanksgiving, Black Friday early bird shoppers are on the lookout for the best Black Friday sales so they can plan their shopping route the day after -- or in some cases on -- Thanksgiving. According to a Consumer Reports piece, some of that early bird shopping may not represent the best sales. For instance, the Black Friday 2014 Walmart early bird sale going on through November includes deals on … [Read more...]

PlayStation TV Getting New Adventure Time Game

PlayStation 3 PS3

Sony's fledgling PlayStation TV has been a mixed bag to some, but the general consensus of PlayStation TV reviews is that the "console lite" is a great and inexpensive way to get your hands on a slew of PlayStation games. Speaking of which, a new Adventure Time game is set to release for PlayStation TV on November 18. The new Adventure Time game, Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom, will be published by Little Orbit. Little Orbit has a long history in licensed games, from Penguins of Madagascar to … [Read more...]

ASTRO Gaming Releases Special Halo Edition A50 Wireless Headset

Xbox One Halo A50 Wireless Headset

Sometimes video game tie-ins make no sense. That is anything but true with ASTRO Gaming's new special Halo Edition A50 wireless headset for Xbox One. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming next week (we'll post our review shortly), and this wireless headset is the perfect complement to those late-night Slayer matches on your horizon. ASTRO Gaming has released a few wireless headsets for Xbox One and PS4, including the A50 just a few weeks ago. This new Halo edition of the A50 looks like a great addition to the … [Read more...]

Walmart Black Friday 2014 Deals to Start Early

Walmart retail environment

As much as holiday shoppers may like Black Friday 2014 sales to actually take place on "Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving, it looks like some Walmart Black Friday 2014 deals will start early. To be specific, some of the Walmart Black Friday 2014 deals will actually be going all month long. While the Walmart Black Friday 2014 ad won't hit until closer to Thanksgiving, some sales have already begun. Online retailers like Amazon and have historically offered big sales not on Black Friday but on Cyber … [Read more...]

What’s New on iTunes TV and Streaming Movies for November 2014?


With entertainment junkies surfacing from their Halloween hangovers and sugar crashes, the question on everyone's mind has become what's new on iTunes TV and streaming movies for November 2014. The Netflix roster is known (read about what's new on Netflix November 2014), and now we know what's new on the iTunes TV and streaming movies lineup. The new iTunes TV lineup isn't as robust as expected considering we'll head into the holiday season in late November, but there are still some goodies. For instance, the first … [Read more...]

What’s New on Netflix November 2014 Streaming Movies and TV Shows

New on Netflix

With Halloween and October behind us, there's a whole new list of what's new on Netflix for November 2014. From movies to TV shows, a surprisingly large list of fresh content is hitting Netflix this month, which will make anyone streaming free movies, whether on a home console or the web, pretty happy. As normal, the new on Netflix November 2014 streaming movies and TV shows won't hit all at once. Instead, the new Netflix movies and episodes will have release dates spread across the month. The biggest batch of … [Read more...]