How to Breed a Shugabush in My Singing Monsters

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how to breed a ShugabushWhen you login to My Singing Monsters today, you’ll notice a new character called the Shugabush, which was created in part with Kristian Bush of Sugarland. The Shugabush collaboration began when the musician’s son mentioned My Singing Monsters on Twitter. Proving that social media isn’t useless, the game’s creators, Big Blue Bubble, began work immediately to develop what we all now see as the Shugabush. But just how to breed a Shugabush now that it’s available in the game? Glad you asked.

Breeding a Shugabush appears to be as simple as helping a Bowgart and Clamble hook up. Several My Singing Monsters players have tried this combination with success. It does not appear that breeding a Shugabush requires the Bogart and Clamble to be at a certain level, which should help you as you experiment with how to breed a Shugabush in your own game.

We’d be interested to hear your own experiences with this as well, because many players want to know not only how to breed a Shugabush, but how long they’ll have to wait for their beloved creature to emerge. Let us know about your own results, including breeding times, in the comments section below.

My Singing Monsters is a world-building music game where players collect and breed their own adorable monsters. Each monster has a unique song, sound and personality allowing players to create the digital monster orchestra. The iPhone and iPad game is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store. So far it’s made at least one fan proud:

“This whole experience has been a blast,” says Sugarland’s Bush. “First of all, the music in My Singing Monsters is irresistible – that’s what drew me to the game. And since I love to dream big via social media, I’m so glad that Dave Kerr and his team at My Singing Monsters dreamed back. I’ve always wanted to let my inner monster out… and I think I’m finally about to impress my son.”


  1. Ginger says

    I’ve been trying to breed this thing for a week since it came out with no luck. Just a bunch of bowgarts and clambles…. :(

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