NBA Rush, iOS Game with NBA Players vs Aliens, on iTunes

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Now here’s an NBA license and iOS game you never saw coming…. NBA Rush is a new endless runner game, a genre that iPhone and iPad owners are definitely used to playing. But NBA Rush is quite different in that it features NBA players versus aliens.

No really. That’s the premise. What’s next, CP3 vs. C3PO? AK47 vs. Alien? E-House vs. E.T.?

All joking aside, here’s the gist. In NBA Rush, the first NBA endless runner mobile game, players must assemble their own all-star team by choosing select NBA players from 30 NBA teams. To win, NBA players must weave through city streets, parks, tunnels, buses, cars and alien ships, while throwing down massive dunks on aliens.

NBA Rush incorporates all of the fun gameplay elements that define the endless runner genre with a basketball spin. To change directions, NBA players execute crossover, behind-the-back and through-the-legs dribble moves. When juking left and right doesn’t get a player through the alien defense, the NBA players’ hops will save the day.

“In designing NBA Rush, our goal was to highlight the incredible athletic skills of NBA stars by portraying them as superheroes who will save the earth from an alien invasion,” said Martin Ma, a Vice President at Renren Games, which created the title. “NBA Rush brings arcade action to a mobile game we hope millions of NBA fans will enjoy.”

NBA Rush is free to download on the Apple App Store from this link. The game will have in-game purchases. There’s no indication yet whether your favorite player’s performance in the game will earn him an extra vote on the NBA All-Star Ballot. (Come on, you didn’t really think that would be an option, did you?)

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