Alliance Warrior, New Monster Game, Ships from TikTak

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Tiktak Games today announced Alliance Warrior, a new game of monsters that are raising in the App Store. Alliance Warrior is a game where you can build your own small army with a lot of epic creatures like, elves,dwarfs, orcs, humans, centaurs, wizards, trolls, goblins, demons , etc.

In Alliance Warrior you can choose between more than 230 creatures, and each one has his own attacks and evolutions. Some of your monsters can evolve 4 times, and it can learn a lot of attacks. Hordes of orcs and goblings, hundreds of giants, unbreakable trolls and all kind of demons are spreading across our world since those three shadows came out of the darkness. Someone has to stop them all.

Alliance Warrior Features:
* Use the amulets for catch the creatures after defeat them
* Create your own fighting WARRIOR TEAM with up to 6 Monsters
* Train your monster team to level up characteristics until level 100
* Choose your creatures well among the 23 Bssic Types and their combinations to create Your Own Strategy
* Learn new attacks to level up – Strength is not always the most important thing, some attacks level up characteristics, put to sleep or freeze your oponent
* Make your warrios Evolve into new creatures (Some Monsters may evolve up to 4 times)
* Use Items, in and out the battle
* Explore a hugh world full of dangerous orcs, goblins and giants
* Defeat the epic bosses, more than 30 are waiting to you
* if you are able to, capture all the Monsters and fill the Journal completely
* Face your friends from all over the world using the Multiplayer Mode
* Profound Story about the world of Alliance Warrior

* 230+ Warrios in different areas and times
* 423+ Powerful Attacks you keep learning as you level up
* 100+ Levels you can access with every Warrior as you gain experience
* 13+ Basic Types which result in a lot Complex Types of warrios(orc, dwarf, elf, glblin, centaur, human and more)
* 13+ Basic Classes which result in a lot Complex Types of creatures (wizard, necromancer, warrior, fighter, rider, etc.)
* 400+ Useful Objects to cure conditions, increase habilities or move forward in the story
* 30 Animated Areas, discover the most dangerous ones like the The Orc Kingdom
* 5 Battle Conditions (Froken, Paralyzed, etc.)
* 0-4 Evolutions of every Monster, some of them may evolve in 4 different ways
* 4 Different Amulets to capture Warrios with different difficulty levels

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, iPad ,and Android Devices
* Requires iOS 4.3 or later
* 70.0 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Alliance Warrior is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store and Google Play Store in the Games category.

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