Raisinboy Unveils Happy Nerd, Flappy Bird Clone, for iOS and Android

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RaisinBoy has revealed their latest iOS and Android application, titled Happy Nerd. Happy Nerd takes cues from the recently popular game “Flappy Bird” by featuring similar gameplay elements.

Happy Nerd features very simple controls – simply tap to fly – once you stop tapping, you will instantly begin to fall in the rocket – so, in-order to maneuver through obstacles, the user must continually tap – similar to the control system used in Flappy Bird. Happy Nerd is endless, with randomly-generated levels and constant changes in the level design – the gaps do not get progressively smaller, but instead, stay the same width apart throughout the game.

Happy Nerd was released on the 17th of February, and published by Raisinboy Apps, with multiple iOS and Android releases already available on the iOS App Store and Google Play. Happy Nerd is set in space, aboard a rocket ship as you control a ‘dorky’ character – flying between crystal-like columns with a small gap between them.

Happy Nerd features 2D graphics and a fast-paced soundtrack that matches the ethos of its gameplay. Happy Nerd can be played on both iOS and Android and supports a variety of screen sizes – including tablet displays.

Taken from the Happy Nerd app description:
* The hardest game available on iOS and Android
* Share your high score on Facebook, Twitter or via Email
* Just tap to fly, and avoid obstacles along the way
* Beat your friends’ highscores and become a Happy Nerd master

Happy Nerd for iPhone and iPad is free and available worldwide on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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