Rolomotion-Powered Dance Party for Apple TV Coming in July

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Rolocule Games today announced the development of Dance Party, the second rolomotion-powered game for Apple TV. Dance Party for Apple TV is a multiplayer rhythm game in which users mimic the movements of onscreen dancers using their iPhone or iPod touch, while rolomotion precisely tracks their movements to provide real time feedback.

Dance Party for Apple TV is set to release on the App Store in July. Rolocule Games is giving away early access to the game for people who sign-up at the game’s website starting today.

Unlike traditional motion gaming consoles that are limited by the number of motion controllers, Dance Party for Apple TV allows users to connect multiple iOS devices together and dance simultaneously in front of big screens like HD TV, Mac or PC using AirPlay Mirroring. Moreover, all personal statistics like calories burnt and more of each user during multiplayer dance will stay on their iPhone as opposed to traditional motion controllers, which are merely used for detecting gestures.

Dance Party for Apple TV streams to HD TV using AirPlay mirroring and has further reduced mirroring lag giving 2x better mirroring performance as compared to Motion Tennis – company’s first rolomotion powered game released last year. Moreover, iOS 8 is expected to support Peer-to-Peer AirPlay for Apple TV that will further improve mirroring performance.

Dance Party for Apple TV is powered by rolomotion that recently won the Silver Edison Award for the best innovation in the Entertainment category at 2014 Edison Awards in San Francisco. rolomotion is a technology which precisely tracks various movements of iPhone and allows users to play games using natural motion gestures on television using iPhone and Apple TV.

“Dance games are a worldwide phenomenon on traditional consoles and we wanted to bring the best of motion gaming to iPhone. We believe that Dance Party brings even better dance experience to iPhone users,” said Rohit Gupta, CEO of Rolocule Games. “Dance Party is perfect to party with friends, enjoy family game nights, keep a healthy lifestyle or to just dance.”

In addition to real time multiplayer, Dance Party for Apple TV will also feature turn based multiplayer for local dance tournaments, blind mode for expert dancers, single player mode to just dance and online dance offs. The game can also be used as an effective workout tool as it tracks calories burnt per session by day, week and month with impending integration of the newly announced HealthKit in iOS 8.

The game will work on iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPod touch (5th generation) using Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation). Apple TV requires an 802.11b/g/n wireless network or Ethernet network and a high definition TV capable of 720p. Dance Party for Apple TV can also be played using Mac or PC with third-party AirPlay simulators.

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