Sudoku Game Made During Lunch Tops 100,000 Solutions

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Marvel Apps has launched a sequel to its sudoku puzzle game Tapestry Twist. Tapestry Twist 2 is now available for free download for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. According to the game inventor, John T. Floros, Tapestry Twist was named after the motion of weaving letters in and out of colored threads to create a pattern or Tapestry. The Twist stems from solving Sudoku puzzles but with letters and not numbers.

Each puzzle is created by hand. In Tapestry Twist, you solve the puzzle by filling in the empty cells with a single character (from the word or phrase) that doesn’t violate the Twist Rule. The Twist Rule is: Complete the puzzle so that each row, column, and group contains all the letters of the word or phrase only once. The word or phrase can be found in the grid “in order” only once. It can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forward or backwards.

“It’s hard to believe that a simple idea that I developed on my lunch breaks at work, has grown in popularity…. that it spans the globe.” says, John Floros the game inventor when asked about Tapestry Twists origins. “I choose Marvel Apps because they have the experience in making games great. Michael and his team @MarvelApps were instrumental in taking my game from hand drawn puzzles to a beautiful iPhone apps.”

Features include:
* Multi Touch gestures supported
* 1 finger Select Drag
* Shake to reset view
* 80 unique word sudoku puzzles
* Uses NGUI for Unity3D game engine to develop the app Uses multi-touch
* Persistence using iCloud so you can start a game on your iPhone and finish it using your iPad
* Shake to clear
* Swipe to select new challenging levels
* Drag and drop letters on the puzzle board
* Game Center supported

Tapestry Twist 2 comes complete with 80 new puzzles, new intuitive design for improved game play, up to 12 x 12 grid words for increased difficulty, intuitive touch controls, an assist asterisk tool to deduce letter placement, multi-color grids for clearly depicting groups, and a puzzle-solver option capable of completing each word grid called “Hints.” Hints allows the user to place the correct letter inside the puzzle grid in order to increase solvability. 5 Hints are given to start play with the option to purchase 20 Hints for $1.99 (USD). Tapestry Twist would be enjoyable for player ages 4.

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