Titan: Olympus War Empire-Building Strategy Game Now Free

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The makers of Titan: Olympus War set out to design a strategy / collectible card game (CCG) genre-bender for iOS without really knowing whether anyone would dig it. Apparently gamers do. The game’s success thus far has been promising, which has ironically inspired the developers to make the game free.

Titan: Olympus War typically retails for $0.99, but in celebration of the game’s early popularity, it has gone free for a limited time. This is positive news for potential new players and for those who have already downloaded the game, as well. The current-player benefit may need a bit of explaining, though.

The temporary sale is likely to boost the game’s number of players, which, thanks to the game’s social aspects, does more than simply boost the developers’ numbers. Players interact with one another in a number of ways to enhance the gameplay in Titan: Olympus War. More players means more online players to battle for daily rewards, and more players to ally with in order to form clans for weekly raids.

Titan: Olympus War is an empire-building CCG with a Greek mythological theme. 300+ unique cards feature Greek gods, heroes and archons which players can utilize to defend and expand their personal empires. Players can control up to ten cities and 190 territories, and they can use their own strategies to expand their territories in unexpected ways. Titan: Olympus War, unlike many similar strategy games, doesn’t force players to adhere to a planned, linear form of growth.

Each city has its own patron hero, god, or archon to defend it, and so players also aren’t limited to a single primary hero to develop. Choosing how to develop their heroes’ skills is another way in which they can alter their strategies to suit their personal play style.

Titan: Olympus War is available now in the iTunes App Store. Since it’s gone free, now’s the perfect time for players curious about the game but cautious with their wallets to test-drive Titan: Olympus War. The developer did not indicate when Titan: Olympus War would go back to its paid-app model.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 5.1 or later
* 49.6 MB

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