Dragons in Destiny? Official Launch Video Indicates So

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Since the Destiny beta concluded I’ve been counting the reasons Bungie’s new franchise is going to rule my life from Sept. 9 onward. Now I’ve got one more: there are apparently dragons in Destiny. Since slaying my first winged beast in Oblivion I’ve been seeking new ways to dissect dragons. Based on the new Destiny launch trailer we’ll all have tha chance in Bungie’s upcoming sci-fi game as well.

Nobody from Bungie or Activision has come out and confirmed that there are dragons in Destiny. However, based on the launch trailer there’s seemingly no reason for them to do so.

The image above was taken directly from the trailer, which you can watch for yourself below. Look closely at about the 47-second mark, and for about 1.5 seconds you’ll see what looks like a dragon fly in front of the Moon.

Activision has dropped a few hints that there are dragons in Destiny, most notably in an email to media alerting us to the launch trailer.

In that email, Activision’s PR lead for Destiny led with a seemingly simple note: “There are enemies out here you would not believe, but they’ve never seen anything like you. It doesn’t matter who you are, only what you will become.”

On the surface this seems like a mere pull quote from the launch trailer’s voiceover. In fact that’s true. However, why choose that specific audio snippet when there was plenty of other dialogue from which to choose?

Perhaps because we “would not believe” there were dragons in Destiny had we not seen it with our own eyes in the video above.

In a game like Destiny, which certainly has its fair share of unique enemies, it’s quite possible that the flying beast in the launch trailer isn’t actually a dragon. It could be any number of winged beasts, or maybe even a funky cyborg or bird-shaped ship. However, the organic nature of its animation, coupled with its very dragon-like silhouette, sure makes it look like there are dragons in Destiny.

What would you think about encountering a dragon in Destiny? Would it be epic and cool, or would it seem inappropriate for a sci-fi game and/or a bit shark jumping? Let us know in the comments below. Personally, I’d love to see them, slay them, and search for more dragons throughout Destiny’s galaxy.

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