Evolve Beta Xbox One Exclusive, Release Date in January

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The Xbox One may be lagging behind PS4 in sales, but Microsoft is getting some nice exclusives to try to reverse that trend. One such example is the Evolve beta, which will be exclusive to Xbox One. The specific Evolve beta release date is still unknown, though 2K said it will hit Xbox One in January.

Microsoft originally announced the Evolve beta would be exclusive to Xbox One at E3. The company did not divulge the beta’s release date. Hearing that it’ll hit in January 2015 is great news for Xbox One owners, as it’ll allow them to focus on all the holiday-released games while they’re new. Just as the sheen is wearing off those games, the Evolve beta will hit.

Microsoft also managed to negotiate timed exclusivity for Evolve DLC. The specific number of DLC packs has yet to be announced.

Evolve is being created by Turtle Rock Studios, the developers who created the Left 4 Dead series. In the game, four hunters face-off cooperatively against a single player-controlled monster. The game takes place on an alien planet and in the distant future, which gives Turtle Rock plenty of latitude to create fantastical environments and radical weapons.

The Evolve release date was originally slated for Oct. 21 this year. It has since been delayed until February 10, 2015.

As a result, the Evolve beta on Xbox One will likely include final game assets and be more of a stress test for the game’s servers than it will an opportunity to do much balancing.

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