Lords of the Fallen Gameplay Trailer for PS4, Xbox One

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Bandai Namco has released a bunch of new info about its next-gen game Lords of the Fallen, including a new Lords of the Fallen gameplay trailer. You can watch the video below.

Although Namco hasn’t yet announced the Lords of the Fallen release date, with any luck it will release later this year for PS4 and Xbox One. A PC version will also be available. No versions are currently planned for Wii U, Xbox 360 or PS3.

Lords of the Fallen places a heavy emphasis on combat skill and persistence, challenging players to hone their abilities with a multitude of weapons, armor character upgrades and supernatural abilities. The game aims to slash, stab, bludgeon, burn, freeze and/or pummel its way into the dark hearts of masochistic gamers everywhere.

In other words, Bandai Namco is getting violent via this game. In the new Lords of the Fallen gameplay trailer below, called “Challenge,” you’ll see the hard-won victories, intense melee combat and brutal deaths that await gamers later this year.

The Champion Lord has always been “different” from other commanders of the Fallen God’s demonic army. For most commanders, battle is honor and discipline. For the Champion, it’s the intensity of a duel and the bloodthirsty satisfaction that comes from defeating an opponent.

Where other Lords would respectfully circle around an opponent, the easily enraged Champion charges into the fray with pure brute force. He prefers to get his hands dirty, so his weapons are close and personal, allowing him to smell and taste the blood of his victims. At such close range, his boiling bloodlust and reckless charges don’t leave him much in terms of defense.

We’ll bring you more info about Lords of the Fallen as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, you can pre-order it here from Amazon and watch the Lords of the Fallen gameplay trailer below.

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