New Nintendo Power-Ups Decals for Walls Include Mario

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The wall-decal company called Blik has just launched a new line of Nintendo Power-Ups decals to help big-time Super Mario Bros. fans live-out their dreams of living in a turtle- and pipe-filled world. Power-Ups are add-on decals that can be mixed and matched to create scenes from your favorite old-school Nintendo games.

The 24 new Nintendo Power-Ups decals can be used on their own or paired with the existing Nintendo X Blik sets. Blik had previously launched a set of New Super Mario Bros. decals. These 24 new Power-Ups are specific to Super Mario Bros. — the original version.

Featuring Super Mario favorites such as Princess Peach, Bowser and Fire Mario, each Nintendo Power-Ups decal is printed on demand. Each Power-Ups decal can be paired with Super Mario Bros. Re-Stik, making them movable and reusable, or can arranged in a custom layout to create a new video game-themed scene from one or more Power-Ups.

“Since we launched our first Nintendo products 8 years ago, fans have been asking for additional decals such as extra coins or bricks and other characters,” said Blik co-founder Scott Flora. “We’re thrilled to now offer Power-Ups to give our video game customers more choices and versatility with re-creating screen shots.”

The new Nintendo Power-Ups are the latest in a a variety of video game-themed stickers offered by Blik. The company seems to specialize in old-school titles, as their lineup includes wall decals for Asteroids, Pac-Man, Pong and others.

Depending on the number and type of decals you want to purchase, prices range from $15 to $75. For instance, the Hammer Bro decal, with a few hammers, costs $15. The Bowser decal, with fire, is $23. A Power-Up pack consisting of a flower, mushroom and star costs $18. And a Re-Stik pack with a bunch of different icons and characters costs $75.

Whether you’ve got a youngster in the house who loves Super Mario Bros. or you yourself are young at heart, these new Nintendo Power-Ups decals are neat. You can see the full Blik lineup at the link above, or you can see just the Nintendo-themed lineup at this webpage.

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