Sunset Overdrive Gameplay Trailer Looks Awesome

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Insomniac Games and Microsoft have released the first Sunset Overdrive gameplay trailer, and the action is classic Insomniac. The studio, which is best known for creating PlayStation-exclusive games, always focuses on diverse gunplay. It’s clear from this Sunset Overdrive gameplay trailer that alt-fire uniqueness is just the beginning.

The Xbox One-exclusive game was first teased at Microsoft’s E3 2013 press conference, but it’s been seldom discussed since. Microsoft likely showed Sunset Overdrive as much for political reasons last year as it did for gamer-enticing ones. Now, Sunset Overdrive is ready for prime time.

Sunset Overdrive is a stylized open-world shooter filled with overpowered weapons, crazed mutants and a sprawling city full of carnage. Set in a futuristic metropolis called Sunset City, Sunset Overdrive transforms the mutant apocalypse into your tactical playground, letting you grind, vault and wall-run across the city while using a devastating, unconventional arsenal.

With hyper-agility, unique weapons and customizable abilities — like the original Crackdown, but on crack — Sunset Overdrive looks like it will deliver one Hell of an explosive, irreverent and stylish punch.

The game will ship exclusively on Xbox One this fall. Pre-orders are now available on Amazon. You’ll want to pay particular attention to the Sunset Overdrive Day One Edition.

The Sunset Overdrive Day One Edition includes an exclusive gun, melee weapon and in-game character outfit. The exclusive gun is called Nothin’ but the Hits, an overcharged version of the High Fidelity gun that launches limited-edition, priceless, multi-colored vinyls that do increased damage. The It’s Me! Fizzie! outfit is a skin that gives you extra in-game fame, while the Hardcore! Hammer is a mighty hammer made from a bat and spiked dumb-bells.

The game’s customization systems are expansive, as you can tailor your character from a huge number of body parts and clothing pieces and also craft weapons and tools using an “Amps” system. Recipes scattered around Sunset City require cans of Overcharge to be combined with other items to craft Amps; weapons each have Amp slots, which serve to upgrade them with powers that go beyond simple stat buffs.

Anyway, here’s that new Sunset Overdrive gameplay trailer. That’s why you’re here, right? It looks awesome, by the way.

So, does this trailer look too similar to the love child of Crackdown and Jet Set Radio Future, or does that sort of thing excite you? What’s your impression of this first Sunset Overdrive gameplay video? Let us know in the comments below.

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