Call of Duty: Strike Team iOS Update Goes Live Today

If you've been playing Call of Duty: Strike Team lately, you'll be pleased to note the Call of Duty: Strike Team iOS update is now available for download.

Call of Duty: Strike Team has received a big iOS game update today, just in time for some hunkered-down shootouts over the holidays. Call of Duty: Strike Team has been named one of the Apple App Store’s best games of 2013. So seeing it get an update amounts to patting some icing on the cake.

The Call of Duty: Strike Team iOS update includes Global Conflict, an all-new way to play the game. Flashpoints of insurgent activity appear around the globe and are only available for a set amount of time. It’s then up to the Strike Team to defuse the situation in the combat zone and stop the enemy before the time runs out. Successful missions win you extra token rewards and the chance to move up the new tiered leagues at the end of each week. The faster the flashpoint missions are completed, the bigger the reward.

The new Global Conflict mode also includes tiered leaderboards to which players can submit their scores to compete against others worldwide. Starting in the Iron League, players can move up through the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum leagues to stand alongside the elite players in the Master league.

Each Global Conflict flashpoint has one of three unique objectives: “Collect”, “Destroy” or “Survive”. The “Collect” game style requires the operative to track down pieces of Intel concealed around the map while under heavy enemy fire. The faster the pieces of Intel are collected, the higher the player’s score will be. “Destroy” sees the player planting C4 in select locations to deal a heavy blow to enemy plans, while fighting against the incoming threats. Each piece of C4 must be planted within a set time limit, otherwise the mission over, and the flashpoint falls to the enemy. And in the “Survive” game style, the player must hold off incoming enemy attacks for an allotted time to keep their squad in control of the area.

The Call of Duty: Strike Team iOS update also adds the popular Domination game mode to all of Strike Ops maps. This mode requires the player to capture and hold three strategic points in the combat zone for a set amount of time while holding off a constant stream of enemies. The longer the player survives, the more deadly the enemies become as the horde floods into the game map to try to recapture the markers.

In addition, a new Pacific combat zone, the USS Ironhide, is included in the update. Players can now play all of the Strike Ops and Global Conflict game styles on the all-new Pacific combat zone, which takes place on a stricken naval carrier. The USS Ironhide has recently come under attack and serves as the perfect arena for the player to take the fight back to the enemy. Do battle amid the debris on the carrier deck or weave through the Ironhide’s control room to secure the vessel.

Meanwhile, a new Mystery Box gives players new kinds of reward while fighting the enemy in any of the Strike Ops game types (Survival, Time Attack, or Domination). As soon as the Mystery Box becomes available, players must fight their way through enemy forces to open the box and receive game-changing powerups (such as Invincibility Shields, XP Multipliers, Speed Boosts, or the devastating Infrasonic Smart Bomb which emits a sonic blast and takes down multiple enemies) or a vital restock of your Ammo, Grenades, Claymores or Health Kits.

And last but not least, the Call of Duty: Strike Team update adds the fan-favorite SMG weapon class, including the PDW-57 and others. These can be used across the main campaign missions as well as the all-new Global Conflict mode and the Strike Ops game types.

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