Christmas Update for Farm Up App Showers Players with Presents

With Christmas out the door, everything gets a little bit better. So does Farm UP – a casual agricultural simulation game from Realore studios. With the new update both devoted players and newcomers are able to experience the follow up to the story of Jane, her husband and grandparents.

Long gone are the days when they had to count coppers to buy a farm. Jane’s family is on the way to prosperity and helps all the farmers around the country get back on their feet as well. Now, when the holiday season is upon us, it is time to prepare the farm for the celebration.

With the latest update players will be able to adorn Jane’s house, the school, the port and various other buildings with holiday-themed decorations. They will help set the right mood for the winter season, but Christmas would not be Christmas if there were no presents.

That is why Realore added a Christmas tree that gives the players in-game gifts every day during the holidays. The feature will be available for the players of all levels for a limited time only.

“While working on the Christmas update, we wanted our players not only to feel the atmosphere of the upcoming holiday, but also take part in the joyous celebration. That’s why we decided to add a Christmas tree to the game. We think that it is very much in the spirit of Christmas and hope that our players will enjoy all the little gifts that we prepared for them,” said Natalia Matveeva, head of business development at Realore.

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