Raildale: Railway Building Game for iOS and Mac OS X

Indie developer Anton Zherdev is proud to announce the upcoming release of Raildale, a brand new and exciting railway building game that promises to offer long-lasting enjoyment to gamers.

Raildale is a new and exciting railway building and management game. The rules of the game are rather simple: the gamer connects multi-color cities with railways. There are many futures like new cities, switches and traffic lights, fines and rewards. The gamer has to prevent train crashes and go to same color cities. In case of train crash there are big fines to fix it. Gamers win the level in case of positive balance within a specific time frame. It is not a simple game and it has additional difficulty levels that include express train, extra damages and various surprises.

As Anton Zherdev, developer of Raildale, explains “My intention was to create a game that gamers can enjoy playing. And I believe I succeeded. After several unending tests and thorough polishing of details, I can admit that I really love it.”

Raildale will be available in January 2014 for iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac OS. During the launch period there will be a considerable discount in price.

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