The Ironcode Bundle – All Ironcode Games in One Batch, Including Tank Shooter

Ironcode Gaming today launched the Ironcode Bundle, a set of seven games from Ironcode including its hardcore tank shooter and its casual match-three game. Ironcode is also releasing a Mini RPG (Three Kids Story, Windows only) for the first time, which is also included in the bundle. The bundle also includes Ironcode’s best selling adventure games, Pahelika: Secret Legends and Pahelika: Revelations.

The bundle has two tiers. The first tier, which costs $1, has 5 games in it. The second tier, which costs $3.99, has all the games of the first tier, plus, two more games, seven games in all. The Bundle went live on the Bundle Dragon website 17th Dec 2013), and will run for 18 days, till Jan 5, 2014.

The games are on Windows and Mac platform. Note that only the Pahelika series is available on Mac, other games are Windows only. More information and screenshots of the games are available. Starting today, the bundle may be bought at the Bundle Dragon Website.

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