Cameron Diaz Sex Tape to Tease Blu-ray Owners Oct. 21

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It may not be the Cameron Diaz sex tape some people were hoping for, but the hilarious one that theater goers ate up this past summer will arrive at people’s homes in late October. The Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz Sex Tape Blu-ray Combo Pack will hit retail on Oct. 21. And no, it won’t do so in a brown paper bag.

The film’s pre-orders on Amazon aren’t exactly going through the roof, though the Blu-ray release does carry a 31% discount at the moment, presumably to try to lift sales. Its price is currently $24.96.

Sex Tape tells the story of Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel, a married couple who after 10 years, two kids and crazy work schedules are looking to return to their “good old days.” One night when the try to reignite the spark in their love life, they decide to film the salacious action. There’s just one problem: the lose their homemade sex tape and have to spend the rest of the movie trying to track down and delete the data that’s inadvertently been uploaded to the cloud.

The Sex Tape Blu-ray bonus features include two new featurettes, one of which (Capturing the Moment) is an interview with Diaz and Segel as they discuss what it was like to film their characters’ infamous sex scene, including all the awkwardness.

Another feature, called “Meet Hank Rosenbaum,” features Rob Lowe providing an in-depth tour of his character’s renowned art collection.

Exclusively available on the Blu-ray Combo Pack are bloopers, deleted and extended scenes, as well as an additional all-new featurette, the “Romance Reboot with Dr. Jenn Berman.” The latter featurette presents a few romance remedies for audiences to try at home. Just make sure you don’t lose your own private recordings.

Also included on the Sex Tape Blu-ray is “Line-O-Rama,” which provides some alternate takes during some of the film’s funniest moments.

For obvious reasons the Jason Segal and Cameron Diaz Sex Tape film is rated R. Keep that in mind, parents. The movie may be funny, but it’s not for kids.

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