Disney’s Maleficent Flies onto Blu-ray Nov. 4

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One of the best-known Disney villains dominated the big screen earlier this year, and she’s poised to do the same to the small screen as 2014 comes to a close, as Disney’s Maleficent flies onto Blu-ray Nov. 4. The timing of the Maleficent release date will pose a quandary for many would-be owners, as it comes weeks before the Black Friday shopping weekend.

To watch or not to watch early, that will be the question. Those with a weak willpower will surely succumb to Angelina Jolie’s villainous appeal.

After grossing more than $700 million worldwide at the box office this year, the live-action Maleficent casts Angelina Jolie in the title role of the wicked fairy who cast the slumbering spell on Sleeping Beauty. In addition to the Blu-ray release date, Maleficent will also hit Nov. 4 on Digital HD, Disney Movies Anywhere, DVD and On-Demand.

The Maleficent Blu-ray set includes a host of bonus features. In one, called “From Fairy Tale to Feature Film,” viewers are invited to join the cast and crew as they explore how Disney’s classic “Sleeping Beauty” animated feature was re-imagined as a live-action epic. In “Building an Epic Battle,” owners can discover how King Henry and Maleficent’s opening battle scene was created using gigantic wire rigs and elaborate choreography.

In “Aurora: Becoming a Beauty” home viewers will hear from actress Elle Fanning about what it meant to play the role of Aurora, while viewers can find out more about the meticulous detail that went into creating Maleficent’s elaborate head wraps, rings and other accessories in “Classic Couture.” Finally, “Maleficent Revealed” lets viewers re-live the film’s journey to the screen through concept art, layered visual effects and behind-the-scenes footage.

Five Deleted Scenes are also included in the Maleficent Blu-ray set: “Stefan In King’s Chamber,” “Pixie Idiots,” “Diaval asks about the Curse,” “Pixies Seek Asylum” and “Suitor.”

Of the above bonus features, only “Aurora: Becoming a Beauty” will appear on the DVD release.

Unfortunately, the film is not currently available on Amazon, so you’ll have to head to your nearest retailer or e-tailer if you want to pre-order it.

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