Watch Bears vs Browns Live Online Free Stream NFL Week 15

Jay Cutler is back! Watch Bears vs Browns live online to see if the QB's return gives the 7-6 Bears a big lift over the 4-9 Browns, or if Cutler's rusty.

watch Chicago Bears game free online live streaming

Quarterback Jay Cutler makes his triumphant return to the Chicago Bears today, which should be reason enough to watch the Bears game live as Chicago takes on the Cleveland Browns at First Energy Stadium. Cutler has been out for the past four weeks with an ankle injury, and it was truly a shame to see his march up the NFL leaderboards cut short. So Cutler’s return today against the Browns adds a needed layer of intrigue as the 7-6 Bears take on 4-9 Cleveland. If you’d like to see Cutler’s return yourself, you can catch the game on FOX or you can watch Bears vs Browns live online free using the links below.

Having missed the past four games, Cutler’s raw statistics for the season aren’t huge. Through nine games, though, Cutler put up 1,908 yards and threw for 13 touchdowns. He did so efficiently as well, having earned a QBR ranking on ESPN that even now has him in the Top 10 of all NFL quarterbacks. Ironically, Cutler’s return today against the Browns may be more symbolic and tied to morale than actual performance. His replacement, Josh McCown, did more than a yeoman’s job as the Bears starting quarterback, punctuated by a Monday Night Football performance last week in which he threw for 348 yards and five touchdowns.

How impressive was he? Check his stat line as Chicago’s starter: a 66.8 completion percentage, a 13:1 touchdown-to-interception ratio and seven games with a passer rating over 90. In light of those results as a fill-in, the Bears will have a lot to consider when the offseason commences. Cutler will be looking for a new contract, while the younger McCown will be looking to Bears management after his audition for the go-ahead nod to be Chicago’s permanent starter. But first things first. The Bears need to win today against the Browns if they’re going to keep the team headed in the right direction with two weeks left in the regular season.

Seeing whether Cutler is rusty or an all-pro is a great reason to watch Bears vs Browns live online today. But it’s not just an all-Chicago show. The Cleveland Browns have a losing record and are battling an uphill momentum battle following their late-game collapse last week against the New England Patriots. Still, the Browns have one outstanding element that gives them hope today: wide receiver Josh Gordon. During the Browns’ past three games, Gordon has totaled 649 yards receiving. For those taking notes at home, that gives Gordon an average of just over 216 yards per game. Browns QB Jason Campbell isn’t a household name, but if he and Gordon can continue that powerful hookup today against the Bears, both Cleveland players could get their own bumper stickers.

Duplicating that effort isn’t out of the question. Chicago is traditionally known as a defensive juggernaut, but with Brian Urlacher no longer roaming midfield the Bears have sunk to the 28th-ranked defense in the league. Through 13 games the Bears defense has allowed an average of 381.5 yards per game, 224.5 of which has come through the air. They’re also allowing nearly 28 points per game and a 40.2% third-down completion percentage, both of which bode well for the Campbell-to-Gordon connection in today’s Bears game.

You can watch Bears vs Browns live online free on DirecTV’s website if you have the NFL Sunday Ticket with MAX Package. The package requires a subscription, but anyone who has one can watch the live streaming version free of any game, including today‚Äôs 1pm EST / 10am PST NFL game between the Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns. With Jay Cutler making his return against the Browns, this game has an extra layer of intrigue, but seeing whether the Browns’ Gordon can continue his receiving streak is a good reason to watch as well.

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