Kinect Disneyland Adventures: Fly Through Disneyland at Home

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Xbox Kinect thumbnailJust hours before Microsoft’s E3 2001 press conference, a handful of new Kinect games have been leaked into the wild, including the ultimate game for any fan of Disneyland (like me!): Kinect Disneyland Adventures.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures essentially re-creates a visit to the Magic Kingdom, with players able to meander down Main Street, take a trip through Tomorrowland and frolic through Frontierland, all while meeting their favorite Disney characters. Virtually, of course.

According to an article on USA Today, “the Peter Pan Neverland ride [will have players] take dizzying flights along with Peter Pan over the skies of London to Neverland and to Captain Hook’s pirate ship to engage him in a sword fight.”

“Everything is replicated to a fine level of detail,” Disney’s Adam Sussman told the national daily. “You can meet and greet and take pictures (with characters) and get on a ride.” It’s “something that’s incredibly innovative and unique,” Sussman continued. “Something very different than (consumers) have ever experienced before on a gaming system.”

I’m a massive fan of the Disney parks, having been to the Orlando and Anaheim resorts a combined 26 times, so I’ll definitely be covering this new Kinect game during E3 with an enthusiastic but critical eye.

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