Xbox One on Amazon Again in Stock, Get it While Available

If you've struggled to get an Xbox One, you can now find Xbox One on Amazon. The unit won't ship until the end of December, but it may be your only shot.

Xbox One Console

[UPDATE: The Xbox One is now sold out again on Amazon as of 7pm PST Dec. 21. That batch went fast.... Keep checking back with the links below, though; they may come back in stock soon, along with the PS4.]

In news that’s almost like a Christmas wish come true for many gamers, the Xbox One on Amazon is once again available to order. The Xbox One has been sold out on Amazon for quite some time, and Sony’s PS4 remains sold out. With Microsoft’s new console still missing from many retail shelves, ordering an Xbox One on Amazon may be gamers’ only shot at getting a system this year, even if it does arrive just before we roll into 2014.

You can order the Xbox One on Amazon by clicking that link you just glanced over. If you’re curious about the online retailer’s PS4 stock, you can click here.

The Xbox One on Amazon will be available starting Dec. 29, when Amazon’s listing for the next-gen console says quantities will be back in stock. Amazon is quick to point out in its Xbox One listing that quantities are limited, though, so if you’ve not yet gotten an Xbox One, we highly recommend you order one right now, as Amazon is bound to sell out soon.

Industrious entrepreneurs have made considerable money this holiday season by purchasing an Xbox One and/or PlayStation 4 and reselling it on eBay or Amazon. Indeed, a quick Amazon search for either console shows that the hardware is currently available, but only from third-party sellers. And only at a price premium.

Considering the Xbox One on Amazon retails for $499.99 and the PS4 on Amazon retails for $399.99, the prices you’ll see on a quick search come with a hefty premium. It’s not too late to order an Xbox One on Amazon for Christmas, but you’ll have to pay that markup as well as some exorbitant shipping costs. If you can wait until Dec. 29, however, you’ll be able to pay the normal (still high) retail price for an Xbox One on Amazon and still get it by the end of the year. Presuming you have Amazon Prime, that is. So, order now, before Amazon sells out of the Xbox One yet again. It’s bound to happen fast.

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