Cyber Monday Deal: Nintendo 3DS XL Mario & Luigi Bundle

Not one to be left out of the Cyber Monday deals, Nintendo today launched a new Nintendo 3DS XL Mario & Luigi Bundle with the new Dream Team game.


As seekers of Cyber Monday deals scour the Web today, Nintendo has launched a new bundle to capitalize on all those searches for video game discounts. Surprisingly, the new bundle isn’t for the Wii U console, which is now competing head to head against the Xbox One and PS4. Instead, the new package is a Nintendo 3DS XL Mario & Luigi bundle.

Starting today, which Nintendo has dubbed “the Cyber Monday of Luigi,” Nintendo has made available a limited-edition, silver-colored Nintendo 3DS XL system featuring a fun image of Luigi running with his brother Mario. The sleek system comes pre-installed with the Mario & Luigi: Dream Team game at a suggested retail price of $199.99.

This new Nintendo 3DS XL system is just one of several Nintendo bundles recently announced. Other bundles include a Cobalt Blue Nintendo 3DS system that comes with the Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon game pre-installed at a suggested retail price of $169.99, as well as a gold-and-black Nintendo 3DS XL system that comes with a download code for a digital version of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for a suggested retail price of $219.99.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is the well-received fourth game in the fan-favorite Mario & Luigi role-playing series. In the game, players journey into the imaginative dreams of Luigi to help save Pi’illo Island from a mysterious villain. Using the touch screen on the Nintendo 3DS system, players can manipulate a sleeping Luigi to make fantastical things happen in the dream world, such as altering the dream world environment and growing Luigi to gargantuan size.

Although the Cyber Monday timing is odd, you’ve got to hand it to Nintendo for releasing a Nintendo 3DS XL Mario & Luigi bundle just in time for the holidays. Lord knows they’re the experts at re-packaging the same thing to make a mint. Check out this other list of other Cyber Monday deals related to Xbox One and PS4.

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