Confirmed: BioShock Infinite Coming to PS Store Wednesday

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At the turn of the new year we learned BioShock Infinite was coming for free to PlayStation Plus members in January. Now that we’re almost halfway through the month, we now know when the game will appear on the PlayStation Store.

BioShock Infinite will join the Instant Game Collection “after PlayStation Store updates tomorrow,” according to Sony. The game joins quite a few other titles on sale for both PS3 and PS Vita as part of Sony’s “14 for ’14” promotion, including Crysis 3, Far Cry: Blood Dragon and The Wolf Among Us Season Pass.

BioShock Infinite puts players in the boots of Booker DeWitt, a hired gun who’s been contracted to find Elizabeth, a mysterious girl locked up in a massive tower with a giant mechanical bird as a bodyguard.

Just like BioShock had plasmids to amp up its first-person shooter combat, BioShock Infinite has vigors. Ranging from defensive with Return to Sender, which absorbs all damage and sends it hurling back at your enemy to the offensive with Charge, where Booker will slam into a specified opponent, you can mix up your play style throughout the game’s campaign.

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