Destiny PS4 Exclusive Content: Map, Mission, Vehicles

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With the three-day PS4 first-look alpha wrapped, Activision and Sony have shed light on the Destiny PS4 exclusive content that will be available when the game ships this fall. The Destiny PS4 exclusive content will also be available on PlayStation 3.

Although Activision hasn’t detailed what, if any, content will be exclusive for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles, the Destiny PS4 exclusive content outlined below is truly that: exclusive to PlayStation systems.

When Destiny releases on Sept. 9, PS4 and PS3 owners will have exclusive access to a unique cooperative Strike mission located on Mars. The content will also include a competitive multiplayer map, as well as exclusive guns, gear and vehicles.

The two maps are the most impressive of the Destiny PlayStation exclusive content. An exclusive co-op map for three players, Dust Palace Strike can be played with friends or via matchmaking. In the Dust Palace Strike map, PS4 and PS3 players must track a Cabal extraction team through the husks of an ancient human skyscraper (the Dust Palace) buried in the shifting dunes of Mars. The map will also include a new enemy called the Psion Flayers.

On the competitive side, the Exodus Blue competitive multiplayer map is a mid-sized Crucible arena. The Exodus Blue is a long-dead vehicle that used to bring humans to non-Earth worlds. The fact that Bungie specifically pointed out the “competitive multiplayer map” elements may indicate that the Exodus Blue environment will also play a role in the campaign.

The PlayStation-exclusive gear is broken down by character class. The Manifold Seeker armor is designed for the Warlock class, while the battle-tested Vanir armor is reinforced for the Titan class and the all-environment Argus is particular to the Hunter class of scouts.

Two PlayStation-exclusive weapons, the Monte Carlo assault rifle and Hawkmoon hand cannon, aren’t class-specific. Both guns can be upgraded, with the Monte Carlo’s upgrades increasing its “hip fire” effectiveness and boosted melee cool down, while the Hawkmoon’s upgrades are focus on damage boosts.

The Destiny PS4 exclusive content is rounded out by three spacecraft: the Aurora Wake, the Crypt Hammer and the Outrageous Fortune.

Photos of these ships, as well as the other PlayStation exclusive gear and weapons, are available here.

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