Enemy Front Limited Edition Only $50 on Xbox 360, PS3

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While the PS4 and Xbox One fanboys argue over resolution and sales, PS3 and Xbox 360 owners are finding entertainment in the actual games themselves. Soon they’ll be “entertained” by laughing all the way to the bank, as Bandai Namco has unveiled an Enemy Front Limited Edition that’s $10 less than most games yet has a ton more goodies.

The Enemy Front Limited Edition, which ships June 10 for both systems and can be pre-ordered from Amazon, will include special packaging and exclusive content. The thing is, it will still retail for only $49.99.

Enemy Front will receive a full limited edition treatment with a robust set of new content, including the full standalone mission “Raid on St. Nazaire,” the game soundtrack, new weapons like the M1 Garand and Webley Pistol and exclusive downloadable content. Additionally, Enemy Front Limited Edition will come in special packaging.

Enemy Front is a modern first-person shooter built with CryEngine 3. That means it’s got killer graphics, or at least the potential for them. Its levels are open-ended and provide “a richly interactive combat experience that breaks out of the standard model of highly linear scripted FPS experiences.” Notice the quotes there; that’s direct from Bandai Namco.

Against the visceral backdrop of breathtaking European locales, players take on the role of American war correspondent Robert Hawkins as he fights hand in hand with Resistance Fighters opposing the Nazi juggernaut in France, Germany, Norway and during the Warsaw Uprising. Players can choose their preferred combat techniques like an all-out assault, sniping, stealth or sabotage. Enemy Front gives players destructible environments to interact with throughout the game, all through the lens of iconic WWII resistance operations.

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