PlayStation Plus September 2014 Free Games for PS4, PS3

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September is the second month in a row Sony is making a game in its PlayStation Plus program available free on the same day it goes on sale for non PS Plus members. In fact, there are two PlayStation Plus September 2014 free games that follow that model, one for PS4 and one for PlayStation Vita.

All titles in the PlayStation Plus September 2014 free games go live on September 2, giving you time to get back home today following the long Labor Day weekend.

PS4 owners who are PS Plus members get two free titles in September. The first is Velocity 2X, the sequel to Velocity Ultra. In the game, players engage both in space combat and land-based gunplay punctuated by platforming action. Velocity 2X will be free for PS Plus members the same day it launches as a paid game for non-members. It will also be available for PS Vita.

The second free PS4 game in September for PS Plus members is Sportsfriends, a collection of local-only multiplayer games including a retro-styled fighting game, a pole vault dueling game and a physical party game. The game will also be available for PS3.

The PS Plus love continues in September for PS3 owners with PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale. This game should need no introduction considering it was one of the most high-profile titles to hit PS3 when it released in November 2012. Seeing it included in the PlayStation Plus September 2014 free games lineup is impressive, much like Microsoft including Halo: Reach in its Games with Gold September lineup.

PS3 owners will also get HOARD for free in September, an action-strategy game in which players try to conquer a medieval kingdom.

Not to be left out, PS Vita owners also get two titles in September. As alluded to earlier, one of these two free games launches free for PS Plus members the same day it launches for a fee for non-members. That game, Joe Danger, has been remastered for the PS Vita handheld to support a full 60 frames-per-second display and has a revamped control scheme so it plays nicely on the handheld system. Part of the update includes the addition of touch controls for the editor modes.

The second PS Vita free game in September 2014 for PS Plus members is TxK, a modern homage to the “tube shooter” arcade game Tempest from 1981. TxK includes 100 levels, each of which is set to a decidely new-gen soundtrack.

Considering Sony has three active platforms, it’s interesting to see the crossover in the PlayStation Plus September 2014 free games compared to Microsoft’s program. Sony has several titles above appearing on two separate platforms in September, effectively raising the number of free games for PS3 and PS Vita owners beyond the standard two. Microsoft doesn’t have similar crossover between its Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms, so “two means two” in that case.

If you’re a PS Plus member, have you appreciated this crossover and/or taken advantage of it? Or is it just a bragging point that doesn’t really have any practical purpose in your gaming life? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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