PS Plus Free Games for July on PS3 and PS4

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With the month of June all but over, Sony has announced the PS Plus free games for July on PS3 and PS4. Last month marked the first time Sony changed things up with the PlayStation PS Plus program. Fortunately, the July PlayStation Plus free games lineup still looks solid.

Truth be told, we knew what the PS Plus free games for July on PS3 and PS4 would be after a leak from Sony’s PlayStation Asia website. It’s still nice to have the confirmation, particularly on the PS4 front. Quite frankly, PS4 owners are getting a couple of really solid games for free.

A game called Strider is the first PS Plus PS4 free game for July. Strider spent part of June with a discount on the Xbox platforms, but it’s flat-out free starting July 1 on the PS4 platform. Strider is an action game in which players try to assassinate a heavily guarded target using cyber-ninja skills and upgrades.

The second free PS4 game on the PS Plus July roster is Towerfall Ascension, the more-anticipated of the two games leaked last week. Towerfall Ascension has relatively simple gameplay mechanics, but its refreshing focus on co-op makes it a throwback game of sorts.

The PS Plus free games for July on PS3 are Dead Space 3 and Vessel. Dead Space 3, from EA, is one of the most high-profile games we’ve seen as a free PS Plus game for PS3. The game is a space-based action shooter a la the Aliens movies but with a spooky atmosphere that would make Resident Evil blush. Dead Space 3 also marks the first time the series gets a co-op mode.

The other free PS Plus game for July on PS3, Vessel, is decidedly different. Vessel is a physics-based puzzle game in which players need to think about the various liquids in each level and how they might move in order to minimize their threat to robots.

In addition to these PS Plus free games for July on PS3 and PS4, PS Vita owners also get two games. The first is a hack-and-slash game called Muramasa Rebirth, while the second is the unique “personality quiz” game called Doki-Doki Universe.

You can see screens from the PS Plus free games for July on PS3 and PS4, as well as PS Vita, over at the PlayStation Blog. All six of the free games shown there go live on Tuesday, July 1.

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