Watch Dogs to Anchor Ubisoft’s PAX East 2014 Booth

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If you’re headed to PAX East 2014, one of your first stops should be the Ubisoft booth. There the publisher will be showing a never-before-seen Watch Dogs demo, as well as new showings for various other games. The PAX East 2014 Watch Dogs demo will surely be their most popular feature, though.

Ubisoft’s full PAX East lineup includes Watch Dogs, The Crew, Child of Light, Trials Fusion, The Next Level and a number of digital titles. PAC East 2014 takes place April 11–13 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. If you’re looking for Ubisoft’s booth, the company actually has two of them: booths 824 and 836.

Ubisoft’s PAX East 2014 booth will actually feature an entire Watch Dogs area, not just a few stations. In addition to the never-before-seen Watch Dogs demo, the setup will also include “an eye-opening Watch Dogs experience that lets fans see themselves through the lens of a hacker and get a look at how they could potentially be targeted.”

If you happen to pre-order the game directly from Ubisoft while you’re there, you can also get a free Watch Dogs T-shirt. The Watch Dogs release date is coming in May.

In addition to the Watch Dogs demo, Ubisoft will also use its PAX East 2014 booth to let attendees get their hands on a demo for The Crew, the publisher’s upcoming driving game. In the demo, players will be able to drive in a massive, open-world re-creation of the United States. Like the Watch Dogs promo, fans who pre-order The Crew at the Ubisoft booth will receive a free T-shirt.

PAX East 2014 attendees will also be the first to get hands-on with Trials Fusion, the next-gen sequel to Trials Evolution. Finalists from the Trials Fusion Track Jam will show off their creations at the Ubisoft booth, and fans will be able to race through (and vote for) the player-created tracks, which will also be featured as the top downloadable tracks when Trials Fusion launches on April 16.

There aren’t any pre-order t-shirts for this one, but fans waiting to get their hands on Trials Fusion will be able to watch professional BMX riders performing stunts in Ubisoft’s in-booth skate park. And you thought you were just going to PAX East 2014 for the games….

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