Watch Sony PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference Live

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Sony owned the E3 2013 press conference scene. After a disastrous showing by Microsoft last year and merely “fair” media briefings by Ubisoft and EA, Sony stole the press conference show with a standout roster of games, a PS4 price that was $100 lower than Xbox One and an attitude that showed Sony had its swagger back. There’s just one question: when you watch Sony PlayStation E3 2014 press conference live online tonight, will Sony have that same attitude?

History seems to imply it will. And by “history,” we mean “they’ve sold a truckload of PS4 consoles worldwide, they have high-profile exclusives already on the way, and Microsoft has shown signs of scrambling in its Kinect-less world.” So yeah, Sony could stroll into its E3 2014 PlayStation press conference a live wire full of confidence.

And even though Jack Tretton won’t be on stage, hamming it up and winning over the gaming press with his personality and humor, you know he’ll be there in spirit. Maybe he’ll even make a press conference cameo from a seat in the audience. That’d be bound to get some thunderous applause.

The most glamours way to watch Sony PlayStation E3 2014 press conference live is via the PS4 or PS3. However, if you’re not near a console or a TV, you can also watch Sony’s E3 press conference online.

The first way to watch its live stream is via, although most fans will watch live via the PlayStation Blog. Interestingly, Sony doesn’t appear to have any sort of deal with, which has been a strong Sony partner since the PS4 release last year.

Ironically the PlayStation Mobile app doesn’t appear to offer a way to watch Sony PlayStation E3 2014 press conference live, though Sony’s partnering with Ustream to allow mobile viewing via the Android and iPhone Ustream app.

Sony’s PlayStation E3 2014 press conference technically starts at 5:45 PST tonight, largely with a slate of game demos and videos. Sony’s E3 press conference kicks off “proper” at 6pm PST / 9pm EST.

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