Battlefield Hardline PS4 Beta Goes Live Today

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This is not a drill: the Battlefield Hardline PS4 beta is going live today. Hot out of EA’s press conference, the company announced a never-before-seen marketing push allowing PS4 gamers to apply for, and start playing, the Battlefield Hardline PS4 beta tonight. The BF Hardline beta will also be available to Windows PC gamers.

Visceral Games, the creators of Dead Space, officially took the wraps off of Battlefield Hardline. The BF Hardline release date isn’t until Oct. 21 in North America, but that’s not going to keep EA and Visceral Games from letting gamers get their hands on it.

While on stage at their E3 2014 press conference, EA indicated that the Battlefield Hardline PS4 beta will be accepting applications now. As in, “right now.” This afternoon. Stop-what-you’re-doing-and-apply-this-instant. You can do so here.

Like the PC beta, the Battlefield Hardline PS4 beta is a closed multiplayer beta, so no campaign details will be leaking anytime soon. The application process for the beta is the same for both platforms: complete the form at the link above and hope for the best.

A Battlefield Hardline Xbox One beta isn’t yet available, nor is one for Xbox 360 or PS3. However, EA “has some news for you” if you select those platforms during the BF Hardline beta registration process. We won’t ruin the surprise here.

BF Hardline puts players in the middle of the war on crime in the gritty and glamorous streets of Los Angeles and Miami. Taking a completely different approach for the BF franchise, Battlefield Hardline will let gamers live out their fantasy of being a cop or a criminal.

Here’s some HD Battlefield Hardline video footage shown at EA’s press conference:

If you like what you see, and/or if you don’t get into the Battlefield Hardline PS4 beta, you can pre-order BF Hardline from Amazon by clicking this link. Again, the Battlefield Hardline release date is Oct. 21.

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