DriveClub PS4 Release Date Confirmed: Oct. 7

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Sony sure loves its racing games. Good thing its PlayStation owners do too. Gran Turismo may have the brand cachet, but DriveClub for PS4 is getting all the love recently, particularly now that Sony has announced the Driveclub PS4 release date. DriveClub will ship for PS4 on October 7, 2014, more than one month before the holiday shopping season gets underway.

If you want to start playing the game on the actual DriveClub PS4 release date, you can pre-order it from Amazonand avoid leaving your house.

Originally the DriveClub PS4 release date was slated for “early 2014.” That’s obviously slipped. With the extra development time, though, the developers can fine-tune both the gameplay and the social interactivity in what Sony’s billing as a “socially connected racing game.”

You know, hence the “Club” bit in the name.

To help in that fine-tuning, industry veteran Paul “Rushy” Rustchynsky has been named Game Director for DriveClub. He previously held a similar title on MotorStorm RC, which is certainly a game known to PlayStation owners.

While you wait for the DriveClub PS4 release date to creep along the calendar, why don’t you check out the gameplay video below? It’s the latest footage, directly from Sony, and supposedly taken straight from a PS4.

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