Free PS4 Game Don’t Starve Now Up on PlayStation Plus

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You may not find a PlayStation 4 price drop coming any time soon, but owners of Sony’s new console can now find a free PS4 game. Called Don’t Starve, the indie game is part of the PlayStation Plus January 2014 update. Those who subscribe to the PS Plus program can now download Don’t Starve for PS4 absolutely free.

Don’t Starve is also available to PS4 owners who don’t have a PlayStation Plus membership. It’ll just set them back $14.99 without PS Plus attached to their PSN account.

Don’t Starve is a wilderness survival game full of science and magic. While there are many unique characters to discover and unlock along the way, you’ll start as the gentleman scientist named Wilson. After being lured with infinite knowledge by a demon named Maxwell, Wilson finds himself trapped in a mysterious and unforgiving world. Wilson must learn to exploit his environment and its inhabitants if he ever hopes to escape and find his way back home.

Don’t Starve gives no instruction, forcing players to adapt or die in the process. That may sound brutal at first, but if it’s a free PS4 game you can only complain so much. Unless you don’t like on-screen death, that is. Because according to the game’s developer, “oh my, die you will!”

After every death, a new world is procedurally generated, forcing players to scramble to gather resources, explore the world, encounter bizarre creatures and unravel the mysteries around them.

One of the biggest features of the Don’t Starve console edition is the inclusion of every single update since the game’s launch on PC. Following Don’t Starve‚Äôs original release, the game saw regular content updates every three weeks for a full six months.

For the PS4 version of Don’t Starve, players will have every one of those updates from day one, including the massive Caves update and the discoverable “Adventure Mode.” That new mode lets players embark on a journey through multiple randomly generated unique worlds in an effort to escape.

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