New Street Fighter IV Coming in 2014, No PS4 or Xbox One

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Street Fighter thumbnailA new version of Street Fighter IV is coming in 2014 to an Xbox and PlayStation near you, but it won’t be on the new PS4 or Xbox One you’ve likely pre-ordered (or should) for this holiday season. Capcom announced during a panel at the fighting-game tournament Evolution 2013 that a new Street Fighter IV will be shipping for Xbox 360 and PS3 next year. They did not indicate that a PS4 or Xbox One version is in the works.

Instead, what Capcom has planned for Street Fighter IV is another massive update to an existing title that will be available either as downloadable content (DLC) or as a stand-alone retail game. The new Street Fighter IV DLC version will sell for $14.99, while the retail version will carry an MSRP of $39.99.

The new Street Fighter IV will include five new characters and some new gameplay balance adjustments. Those elements will be included in both the DLC and retail versions. If you choose the retail version of the new Street Fighter IV, you’ll also get all past the previously released DLC costumes for every character. According to Capcom, this costume pack is a $40 value on its own.

Four of the game’s five new characters (Elena, Hugo, Poison and Rolento) have appeared previously in a Street Fighter game. Capcom is remaining mum on the fifth character in the new Street Fighter IV, merely indicating that the character has “never been in a Street Fighter game before.” Frankly, that’s welcome news, as the series tends to run a bit stale at times rehashing all the same characters.

Whether the new Street Fighter IV character is from an existing Capcom franchise or is an all-new entry in the company’s pantheon is still unknown. It’s even unclear whether the new character is male or female. It’s most likely going to be a known commodity, and it would be wonderful to see Capcom do something completely different, like include the main character from the original Dead Rising. But with Dead Rising 3 coming to Xbox One this fall — and published by Microsoft, no less — that’s not very likely. After all, it might just rub salt in the wound that the new Street Fighter IV isn’t coming to either of the next-gen consoles.

In addition to the five new characters, the new Street Fighter IV will also include six new stages. Capcom did not announce where the stages will be located, nor how they’ll appear or whether they will impact the gameplay balance adjustments also included for each character.

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