PlayStation 4 Theme Support Coming this Fall

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The PlayStation 3 and PS Vita launched with a radical new interface called the XMB (cross-media bar). It was fresh and functional at the time, but the blue screen that came with it is looking old now that the PS4 has arrived. Soon you won’t be forced to look at that same tired PS4 interface, as Sony has announced PlayStation 4 theme support will arrive this fall.

Theme support is nothing new, as both the previous-generation consoles supported it. However, that same functionality being missing from the PS4 and Xbox One has been troubling for gamers who like to pimp their ride, so to speak.

In one sense it’s similar to 3D Blu-ray support, a video playback feature of both last-gen consoles but one that was just recently added to PS4 and Xbox One via firmware updates. Likewise, the PlayStation 4 theme support is coming as a system update.

Theme support is also coming to Sony’s PlayStation Vita handheld system.

PlayStation 4 theme support was unveiled at a Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia (SCEJA) press conference in Tokyo. According to Sony, “themes are among the most requested features from PS4 owners, so we’re eager to offer them.”

Sony said theme support will be implemented via two system updates: v2.00 for PS4 and v.3.30 for PS Vita.

Sony did not announce a specific release date for these two system updates, saying only that they would arrive “this fall.”

In addition to the PS4 theme support, Sony also said PS4 owners will be able to watch PS4 live streams using their PS Vita via a new app. This app, called “Live from PlayStation,” will let PS4 owners watch live streams from Twitch and USTREAM directly on their PlayStation Vita handheld.

Considering the growth of Twitch live streams and viewers in particular, this functionality is bound to be popular.

However, it’s the PlayStation 4 theme support that’s going to be the most popular news from Sony’s press conference. When PS4 system update 2 launches, owners of the console will immediately be able to download and use custom themes on their PS4.

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