PS4 Pre-Order Bundles at Amazon: Only Way to Get a PS4 at Launch — and Going Fast

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PS3 logoThe PlayStation 4 pre-order craze hit Amazon hard a few days ago, with the PS4 Launch Day Edition selling out very quickly. With Amazon’s stand-alone launch units allocated, the online retailer opened up a host of PS4 launch pre-order bundles, which are now racking up orders just as quickly. If history is any indication, you’ll want to head over to Amazon right now and get your PS4 pre-order bundle ASAP.

Four different PS4 launch bundles currently exist on Amazon, with two of the four including sure-fire hits: a PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 Launch Day Bundle and a Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Launch Day Bundle. With the stand-alone PS4s being all but sold out for the console’s launch in November, if you want to get your PS4 the day it’s available at retail, you’ll need to head to Amazon and get your pre-order ASAP. Or stand in line for a ridiculous amount of time before the stores open for business.

As if you needed more incentive to pre-order from Amazon, both the Battlefield 4 PS4 bundle and the Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Bundle also include a one-year subscription to PlayStation Plus. When you consider the bundles include a PS4 console, a PS Plus card and the game, the $499 price reflects a $10 savings off the normal price if you purchased the three items separately. And remember, the PlayStation Plus subscription is now necessary if you want to play either of those games’ multiplayer modes — Sony’s now charging for online multiplayer functionality (a la Xbox Live).

The other two bundles on Amazon are both for completely new franchises. The first, a Watch Dogs PS4 Launch Day Bundle, features the new stealth-action hacking game from Ubisoft. We had the good fortune to demo Watch Dogs at E3, and it’s shaping up to be a much more intriguing and larger game than we’d initially thought. Being able to play it upon the PS4’s launch should be high on many gamers’ to-do lists, and it appears this launch-day bundle is going to be one of the few ways to achieve that.

Rounding out the bundles is another new-IP package: a Knack PS4 Launch Day Bundle. Knack was first shown at Sony’s PS4 unveiling event earlier this year, and it looked almost like a next-gen Katamari Damacy. In Knack, players make their way around the in-game world gathering various pieces of armor, weapons and general technology to make progressively larger and more powerful robots to defeat enemies. It’s an interesting twist on the Katamari Damacy gameplay model, and it’s likely to be a sleeper hit among fans of that franchise. It’s not necessarily the riskiest new IP we saw at E3, but it’ll be interesting to see the reception it gets upon the PlayStation 4 launch, since it’s a PS4 exclusive.

These four PS4 launch-day bundles are bound to sell out fast, both because of their built-in value and because it’s looking increasingly likely that these Amazon pre-orders are the only way to ensure you get a PS4 at launch. So, whether you’re looking for a console for yourself or as a holiday gift for someone else, you should head over to Amazon to get your pre-order in ASAP. Here are the direct links: Watch Dogs PS4 Launch Day Bundle | Battlefield 4 PS4 Launch Bundle | Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Launch Bundle | Knack PS4 Launch Bundle. Alternatively, if you don’t care about the launch-day charm, you can always pre-order a stand=alone PS4 using the following link, it just won’t come with a guaranteed ship date: PS4 Standard Edition pre-order.


  1. rondior says

    This is saying they will be released December 31st. How is this a launch edition when it’s being launched in November but I won’t receive till almost January?

    • says

      They’re just saying Dec. 31 because Sony’s only officially said “holiday 2013” so far. So, Amazon’s just hedging their bets and playing the role of a good partner. It’s funny, but if you look at the PS4 launch-day packages with only the console (now sold out), it also lists Dec. 31. It’s just a placeholder date; the title of the item is what really matters (“launch”).

  2. kelvin says

    you gotta look at the bigger picture boy while your console is cheeper to buy what you don’t get is the ability to share all your games with ten people so say you have a group of ten m8s anywhere around the country each person has 5 games you suddenly have 50 games making the xbox one free in only about 6 months also long term the chances are publishers will realease games cheaper on the xbox as there’s no second hand market you gotta think long term boys its gonna be around for many years!!!!!

    • says

      I’m interested to hear a lot more about this sharing concept, for sure. If it really works like this — and Microsoft hinted at it but didn’t get into details — it’d be a killer feature of the Xbox One.

    • Your Wrong says

      I do not know how people can get an Xbox One when the Ps4 is:
      -Its upwards of 50% weaker, the PS4’s RAM is 250% faster (confirmed) and theirs more of it. The GPU is 50% faster and has more shader cores 18 vs 12(confirmed) and the CPU is around 20% faster. Souce:
      -Its a cheaper
      -There are no forced gimmicks ala Kinect.
      -Sony World Wide Studios has WON more GOTY awards than any other 1st or third party developers and publishers. So good exclusives are guaranteed.
      -Ps+ offers everything XBLG does and more. Since January I have got 38 free games from Ps+ on my Ps3 including Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Sleeping Dogs. Its even better value then Steam.

      And the……
      -You can share your games unlimited times on Ps4 and trade them in. The Xbox One “share with 10 friends” is carefully worded, Larry Hryb or Major Nelson stated that you cannot share that game with 10 people AT THE SAME TIME but rather up to 10 of your friends can have access to your library if you been friends with them for more than 30 days but only 1 person can access them at one time.
      -The Cloud stuff is Bullshit theres no way on a normal internet connection the Cloud is going to make up for the massive power gap between the Xbone and the Ps4.
      -Microsoft is an arrogant prick, quotes like “If you do not have an internet connection you can get a Xbox 360.”
      -Those demos running at E3 were running on Nvidia GTX 770’s which around 4x the power of the Xbox One, again they are being deceitful.

      After writing this I do not know how someone can buy a console like the Xbox One.

      • says

        You, my friend, have hit the nail on the head. Everything you stated is fact, while most of the Xbox One wishers are hoping against hope and wishing on a prayer. Good luck with that. It’s a clear and utter slaughter. PS4.

    • WAY says

      Well no one really know anything abut that yet, there is still fuzziness around that family share thing. microsoft probably will limit how many games you can have in the library or whatever or have a selected titles that can be shared, but no one truly knows how it really works yet, because they are always saying something different in every interview. Also trust me if xbox one basically becomes free because of it’s sharing thing, I’m pretty sure publishers are not going to support the xbox one (Especially not EA). Because they won’t be really making a profit off of the system, it’ll be like buy 1 copy and get 10 free. Let’s say 10 different people share 1 game (Example Halo) with all 10 of their family members, that is like 100 copies of the game gone. Profit Bungie would make (Halo for $60 = the buyer get’s 11 copies = buyer shares 10 with family members = -$600) so bungie would only gain $60 from selling 11 copies (1 for you + 10 shared). This would be worst than retail, you know there’s probably a catch to this. Also what’s to say sony won’t allow sharing, the ps3 games coud be on 5 different systems at 1 time. But they cut it down to 2 a few years ago. So I guess we really won’t know until the consoles are launched.

    • Christian says

      The problem with microsofts game sharing is that only one person can be playing that game at a time, so if your doing single player games that could work ok if you share time, but if you all want to play multiplayer like COD: Ghosts or Halo, your not gonna be able to play together

    • Clarke says

      The sharing concept is great, Ps3 had the same concept but then developers didn’t like it so threatened to stop making content for the ps3 so it had to drop its 5 friends to only 2.

      Now as far as the Xbox one is concerned. Only 1 other xbox may be using the game at any one time. Meaning you can give a game to 10 friends but only one of them can play (for example) Titanfall at the same time as you. Even if you were not online Friend A and friend B would not be able to play titanfall together.

      Friend A can however play forza while friend B plays Titanfall while friend C also plays halo. But never the same game at the same time for the people listed as friends. Good but flawed because who will get to be the “main” player that has access to every game at all times vs the friends and family who have limited access?

    • Zeyad says

      The 10 people who own the game can’t actually play at the same time since they have to be online. 10 people fighting over who gets to play now will probably get really ugly really fast.

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