Surgeon Simulator PS4 Co-op is Local Only

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Gamers wanting to take the Surgeon Simulator PS4 co-op experience for a spin will have to do so in the comfort of their own home with friends nearby. The developer today confirmed that the new PS4 simulator supports local co-op multiplayer only.

Hearing that the Surgeon Simulator PS4 co-op doesn’t support PSN play is a bit surprising. If you’re really into simulating surgery, though, you should take it in stride. Real-world doctors don’t exactly do that stuff virtually, right? They’re all in the same room.

According to the developer, no plans for an online version are in the works.

“Apologies for the late update, but we’ve had confirmation now that the co-op mode coming to Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition for PS4 is local only. There will not be an online co-op mode!”

Bossa Studios’ Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition for PS4 launched in the United States on Aug. 11 and will launch in the European Union on Aug. 13. You can buy the game via the PlayStation Network ($12.99 USD / £8.99 / €10.99), you just can’t play it on PSN.

Taking control of bungling amateur surgeon Nigel Burke, players have a plethora of pointy surgical instruments at their disposal as they attempt to cure their unconscious buddy, Bob, of his ills and ailments. The Anniversary Edition also comes with the new eye and teeth operations, additional environments, stat tracking and fully functioning cups.

In a long-requested update, for the first time ever in Surgeon Simulator players can perform co-up surgeries. Again, though, they’ll have to be performed locally only.

The new version of the game makes full use of the DUALSHOCK 4’s six-axis sensor to give players a unique instrument-manipulating experience. Using the Share function, every procedure can also be uploaded via the PS4’s streaming services in real-time.

Looks like your virtual exploits with friends will have to be of the “watch my movie” variety rather than the online co-op type. At least the game does have some online functionality, though.

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