War Thunder PS4 Release Date: Tomorrow (June 3)

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Lost amid the scouring of E3 leaks and game previews is news that the North American War Thunder PS4 release date is tomorrow. While we’re all waiting for info about upcoming games, there’s one staring PS4 owners right in the face. Or at least it will be on June 3.

The free-to-play military MMO game War Thunder will embark upon its maiden U.S. mission on PS4 having been played by 7 million PC players worldwide.

To complete the epic scale of War Thunder, Ground Forces Expansion will provide those who possess a thirst for war, but prefer having their treads rumbling across the ground, the ability to unleash a blitzkrieg like attack upon foes.

In the very near future, the complete War Thunder experience will include cross platform compatibility allowing the combined battles with more than seven millions players worldwide, across PS4 and PC to battle with or against each other in a do or die effort to lay claim to either the skies or on the ground.

The War Thunder PS4 version features precise details in its planes and tanks, all of which will be subject to MMO control updates designed for the DualShock 4. Warfare erupts across a colossal battlefield in majestic 1080p and, in a pretty sweet nod, War Thunder PS4 owners will be able to play cross-platform against PC foes.

War Thunder on PS4 will also provide players with improved head-tracking system using PlayStation Camera.

The War Thunder PS4 and PC cross-play functionality will debut shortly after the game’s launch.

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